RedDeer International launched

I am Fumiya Akashika, founder of RedDeer International and an enthusiast when it comes to communicating with diverse groups of people.

I would like to celebrate this occasion as I have finally launched the website RedDeer International, which is the platform that provides everything voiced by today’s youth. I hope that this website will help people learn about the world and differences in cultures, values and interests between people from different places.

Nowadays, thanks to technological development, the world is shrinking at digital speed more than ever, and Generation Y happens to be the witnesses of these dramatic changes. Today’s global youth are more familiar with world news through social media that previous generation did not have. We are tightly connected to one another all across the world. However, the point is that even with all the technological advancements and social media, people are still ignorant or unfamiliar with all the differences in cultures, values and interests from one another, which usually leads people to causing conflict. It is better said that because of all the techonlogy, we are losing opportunities to get to know about others deeper as a result of superficial knowledge of the world and cultures that is accessible for anyone to obtain on the Internet.

For this reason, I decided to launch RedDeer International as a place where today’s youth from all over the world gather and spread their values, cultures, interests and thoughts to the world as purely as possible to let people living in this world know what is going. We seek to uncover how the young generation perceives the world. The main point is that the most of contents will be created by today’s youth who have been engaging in and experiencing different cultures and events, giving us a genuine and sincere platform to work with.

I believe that knowing what the young generation thinks and perceives the world to be will help any kind of generation to grasp the shape of the world and society in the coming age.

1463057_10201248231038463_1022806959_nFumiya Akashika/Journalsit

He is Japanese and goes to Kansai Gaidai University in Osaka. He has studied in the US and is passionate about communicating with people from around the world. His main field of study is English, but he also studies world affairs, politics, and entertainment. He enjoys writing and facilitating the exchange of accurate and current knowledge regarding the world around him. He also enjoys playing piano and football; in addition, he has his own website, podcast and YouTube channel dealing with global topics. His motto is “the key to the world is in your hands, time to explore.

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Author: RedDeer International

We are cutting edge We are fresh We are relevant We are made by #GLOBALYOUTH, for #GLOBALYOUTH; we are RedDeer International! There is a new generation that needs to be heard, a generation without borders, a people connected by technology and globalization, who share similar attitudes and values: they are #GLOBALYOUTH. RedDeer International is a platform for Generation Y, a place for them to voice their unique views on the world, a place for them to hear what other millenials have to say. From global affairs, news, music, lifestyle and entertainment, we dive into the voices of this generation. STALK US @reddeerinternational Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube Soundcloud

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