How do you write your resume? Time to know the how-to

I need to find a job

A Russian lady, 33 years-old teaching at School, said to me in the state of disappointment. She is currently looking for a job in the United State. I thought she was fine as long as she had a job now unlike me. She said that she was not appreciating  her teaching, and she would like to do something she is really passionated about, but has been stuck in teaching industry. After 5 minutes silence, I asked her “Why don’t you start applying to those companies which are doing something you are passionated about?”.

She said in reply “I do not know how and I am afraid of not being able to get a job I want”

There you go, I have been hearing these phrases almost everyday from many people including myself , ” I don’t know how”. Of course, most of us do not know exactly how and what is the best way, and I know when you make a move to change something from what you are currently doing, it always takes time and cost which is totally inevitable for most of us unless you have strings to pull. If you are just an average person who has been spending your life, following crowds without a strong discipline in yourself, hate to break it to you but, it is not easy to find a job. However once you start changing yourself, making a move, getting up your heavy back from the chair,  chances are that you will be likely to find a job.

After long idle conversation, she said ” Alright, I will search for companies, but how am I supposed to write a resume? It has been a long time since I wrote one last time”.

This question turned me on ,and I started to belabor on how to write a resume.

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I know it is hard to think about yourself in objective view. For most times, you miss something you are supposed to add in your resume such as your skills, experiences, and so on. However when you talk to your friends, teachers, and all the people around you, they tell you something positive about you and something you did not realize before ,which will give you confidence, and you start thinking positively about yourself. Having confidence in yourself is one of important elements not only when you have interviews , but also when you write resumes and cover letters.

This is what it takes to complete your resume and get a job

  1. Tell yourself that you can make a change 
  2. List up all the things you would like to do and you can do
  3. Talk to somebody who knows about you well, and look over the list you make together 
  4. Find a job on the internet  
  5. Find someone who knows how to Write a resume and cover letter
  6. Submit it 
  7. wait and knock on wood
  8. If you land a interview, keep carrying yourself with confidence. If you do not, still Keep carrying yourself with confidence and start from No.3. again for another job opening

1 Tell yourself that you can make a change  


It is important to think that you are capable of changing yourself and situations you are currently in. Most of people doubt their capabilities, and just stay safe watching others ,standing on the side line. Think about those people who has been a force to reckon with in the world such as Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. What did they do? They stop going to college and began to do something by themselves.

Hey, they and I are totally different beings anyway, they had an ability and were wise and smart to do so , thus they did, but I am just another person, How am I supposed to compare with them?

Yes, you are right at the fact that they are off the chart, but what I would like to point out is not that they dropped out of college , but they made a move instead of staying in the same circulation. I am not saying that you have to get out of college immediately and initiate something new by yourself. As a matter of fact, that is risky and you don’t want to put yourself on the line. However, I am saying that making a move and change will always lead you up to something new. I admit that it is always hard to make a change since you will loose something because of your choice you make, but at the same time, you will gain something new  without exceptions as long as you stick to your vision.

“But what if I can’t get what I want in the end? I can not take the risk, bro”

Hold on, take a chill pill. You are not even writing your resume yet, so don’t run yourself down but hope up in the first place! just Imagine yourself working at your dream company.

Once you tell yourself that you can make a change, time to move on the next stage!

By the way, I am a buddhist and I always do meditate to clear out my mind to enlighten, and it really works! It is always important to get rid of all the negative feelings you have in your mind when you make a change, why don’t you try to meditate?

This link will tell you how to meditate

2. list up all the things you would like to do and you actually can do


This is critical step before writing a resume or start looking for jobs available on the internet. Analyzing and Knowing yourself boosts your confidence and chance to get a job. First off, you should name everything you would like to do to understand your desires, and then list up all the things you are actually able to do at this moment. It is important to follow this steps :”First, things you would like to do, then things you really can do”

If you list up things you can do first, it eliminate possibilities you might encounter if you listed up things you would like to do first. After you finish writing the list, now it is time to make a list of things you can do. And then Compare both lists.

When you find something goes together from each lists, it is time to make a move to another step

3. Talk to somebody who knows about you well


“Ok, Now that I know myself well, I will look up the jobs!”

Hang on!! Do not make the move so quick , my friend.

You might want to ask somebody to look over your lists first rather than divining into head first. As i mentioned already, We don’t know mush about ourselves unless you are Buddha or God. Look back in time when you were surprised because your friend pointed out your habits you didn’t realize before until they mentioned them. This happens to everyone even to 60 years old people who seems to know about themselves well.

For instance, 2 weeks ago, I was at this college smoking a cigarette as this man came up to me and said  “hi”. We started just another conversation as I always do, and he brought up a story. The story goes like this; When he went fishing over a weekend which has been the only relaxing time away from his work, he met this woman with blond hair at around her age of 50th. She was struggling with catching fishes. Thus he just told her how to and what it took to get a fish ,which he does always when he sees someone having a difficult time fishing. After all the things, she said thank you and told him to be a chief of fishing club she involved in. According to her, he was the best fisher she had ever met in her life. He rejected the offer since he really wants to do it as a just hobby.

He told me that he never knew that his fishing skill was that high enough to admire others since he has been doing it for so long just as a hobby.

My points are that you don’t know about yourself fully until you are told so , and age doesn’t matter about this.

 After you are done with your lists, have someone talk about your lists and yourself. Upside of having someone is not only finding something you are missing, but also that it might encourage you through conversation with them.

Now that you have found something you missed to know about yourself , it is time for you to look for a job!!

4. Find a job on the internet 


Thanks to the technology we have now, Any information can be found at your house with your fingers.

Type the words relevant to your interests ,and put the word of Job at the end or vise verse. You will see a searching result , and if you are lucky enough, you might find a perfect job for you in the result. If you can’t find any, maybe it is better for you to sigh up some job hunting web sits such as “Monster” and “CFN” and etc. That makes you find a job easily ,and on top of that, company might send you a scout message!!

Other than the website, you might want to try social network sites such as “Linkedin”. This is a professional social network, you can upload your resume, and when someone looks at your resume and thinks that you the perfect candidate, then they will make a move on you!

I am 100% sure that sometime you can not find a job not just because you are not confidence enough nor motivated, but simply because the qualification for a job you found is not much up to your skills and experiences you have. However, I would like to say this to those in that situation.

“just send a resume”

You won’t lose anything even if you can not get the job. Good parts of sending a resume anyway are that you can cross out possibilities you have by literally receiving the reply by the company if they say “no”, and you can get rid of all the negative thought of “What if” from your head at the same time, which enables you to focus on another stuff. Another part of this is that you might  get a job! Who knows what is going to happen to us? God only knows! What you have got to do is just keep making moves until you die!




5. Find someone who knows how to write a resume and cover letter

Laughing young guy enjoying a conversation over the cellphone

The time finally comes. It is time for you to write a resume. Are you getting little bit nervous? Don’t be nervous, you should still hope up and be confidence! if you are turing to be negative person, the resume will not be positive enough to land a job because your negative though affects to it! So be brave and love yourself!!

Alright, but, the thing is unless you graduated college with English degree, your writing is not that strong enough to compete with other candidates. To make your resume shining and competitive, you need someone to revise it. It doesn’t matter how confidence you are on account of your experiences and skills, if you are not a good writer, your odd to get a job will decrease unfortunately. Notwithstanding, you will be fine since you now know that you need someone to look at your resume.

Alright, but Who?

Here is the list of people you can ask for a revision

  1. Councilors or advisors at your college
  2. Your friend working at Media or something relating to the line of work
  3. Your Mom and Dad
  4. Someone who knows how to and you know he/she really does

These are the people I can think of now off the top of my head , that you can ask for it.

If it is possible, you should write a resume with them instead of working on it by yourself. By doing so, you can enrich your resume through a conversation you will be likely to have with them. AS for a cover letter, you can do exact the same thing you do with your resume such as having someone to take a look at it.

6. Submit it


Now that everything is all set, it couldn’t be better time for you to send it to a company! Most companies nowadays have their own websites which provides all the information about recruitment. I am sure that it tells you exactly what to do to send your resume and cover letter! If it says  “send us via e-mail”, then you send your resume via e-mail ,and don’t forget about sending your cover letter also!

7. Waite and knock on wood


Yes, I know you are nervous about the result, but as I mentioned, you won’t lose anything even if the result is not what you are looking froward to.

While waiting, there are always things you can do for your self. Here is the things you should do.

  • Don’t spend time thinking about the result

Since what is done is done, there is no way for you to change the result once you send them to the company. Stop thinking about it. You don’t have to think about the things you can not change anymore, it is just time consuming and bad for your health also. Think about the time that your boyfriend or girlfriend dumped you. Were you able to fix the relationship? Well, If you were born under the lucky star, then you could, but I assume that unless you were a sophisticated psychic,  most of you were not able to fix it. It is just a simple fact of life. You can not change their minds no matter how hard you think about them!  Anyways , you should stop worrying about the result!  It is beyond your control!!

  • Working on another resume

While waiting, you have better thing to do: working on another resume! Yeah, definitely it is good to separate your eggs into several bowls.

  • Do something you like to do to wile away the time

Unless otherwise required to think about the result by the company, which they don’t for the most case, you should do something fun for yourself, no need to be stressed out!

7. Never stop being confident in yourself


Yes, most of times in your life, you can’t get what you want, and that is a simple fact of life as well, just like you can not get every boys and girls you like. What you can do in case you could not get response you wanted to hear is just carry on. It is not the end of the world nor end of your life. It is just the beginning of new story of your life. If you stop being confident in your self, all the things you have done will end up in smoke.

Here is a proverb for those who could not land an interview

When the going get tough, the though get going

Be tough!

The time of disappointment comes not to stay but to pass, even if you can not get what you want, it always leads you up to another oppotunity!!

Hope this article help you out with your resume. I really wish you could get  a job you want ! It doesn’t matter where you are, as long as you are human beings dealing with another human on earth, this way always helps you out!!

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