Do not let the stain make you lose your edge in the time of trouble

It has been a rough patch for me. There has been a lot to think and worry about, which put me down into disappointment every now and then. Life is not that easy as everybody knows. You don’t get what you want even though you really wish so. You forget about all the journeys you had to get to the point where you are now, and just focus on a problem you have. This is exactly what I felt 2 days a go until I met this two guys who were 32 and 38 years old from Africa.

A guy, 38 years old, told me to do everything I want to do when I can do it. In fact, I am still young and a man of full of capability. This “Do what you want to do while you can” is the most common phrase you hear from almost every person who is in their 30s and 40s.

Since I had this confused mind, it was good to hear from a 38 year old man that I should do what I would like to do without hesitation before I realize it is too late.

As I mentioned, when I talk to people who are older than I am, without exception, they always tell me that I must follow my heart, it is better to give it a shot rather than wondering and thinking about “What if”. You never know what is going to happen to you because of the actions you take. It might end up making you feel sad or great. However, if you just hesitate to take an action wondering if you should do, and stay where you are, the chances are that nothing will change AT ALL. I am telling you that most grown up men are now kicking themselves because of choices they could have made but they did not because of the fear of whatever they had in them.

It could not be any better time for you to act on what old dogs say, now. 

You don’t want to be the same.

A chance will come to those who go for the chance.

Forget about the fear you have, just go for it.

Now let’s get to the main point. After talking to this 38 years old man, my mind were all cleared up like the sky without clouds! However, I still had one track mind. I was doubting  my ability, asking myself if I could get over this rough patch I had, even thought I had been telling myself I could on account of the experiences I had before. It has been almost a month since I came across this tough situation which I never had before. I focused on one bad thing about me, and almost was losing myself despite all the success I had before.

A man, 31 years old from Libya, told me a story about the stain.

The story goes like this: you are wearing white pants, and one day you drink a cup of coffee, and spit it over your pants which remains in the pants as a stain. You start thinking that the pants are no longer beautiful because of the satin despite the parts of the pants which are still white and beautiful. Just like this, human beings tend to forces on something bad even though they have done so many things successfully, even though there are so many things they can do, but just because of one thing which they are not good at or they can not, they start badmouthing, underestimating, running down themselves psychologically, which creates a bad circulation of how they think of  themselves. What he told me was

Of course there are things you can not do because you are not invincible ,and you will never be, but in the same breath, there are more things you are good at. Don’t focus on the satin, focus on the white part in the time of trouble

It reached to my heart and I was so touched. He is the man of wisdom.

He also gave me an example for the stain.

Let’s say, you have a best friend who you have been keeping touch with for many years, but one time, she/he tells you that “Don’t talk to me , just stay away”, and you get upset and insult him/her, forgetting all the journey that you have been through with him/her. Just because of the little tiny stain, you destroy your friendship with him/her.

We, human beings, tend to look at a shadow side and expand it , and make a big deal out of it more than we should, but when it comes to a bright side , we think a light of it even thought we have more upsides than downsides in ourselves.

Thus, whenever you find yourself in the situation where you are struggling with whatever it is, do not think about the stain, but think about the white part, always.

Don’t let the satin make you lose your confidence and disturb your path.

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