Think positive about your life especially in the time of trouble.

His country is in an emergency situation, which I have never been through and might never be: War. After discussing this with him and hearing how bad he thinks of his people’s livlihoods in his country, I reflected it back on my country, Japan. Japan has the highest rate of suicide among all the developed nations, and ranked in 9th in all the countries on earth.

Life: we have to appreciate it but for the most part we are taking for granted.

People kill themselves for verity reasons. According to KevinMD.comthere are main 6 reasons why people kill themselves


This is the most unquestionable reason why people kill themselves. The depression might come from peer pressures, financial issues, etc. When people have negative thoughts in their minds, they tend to think about it deeper than thinking about positive thoughts, which eventually causes them to harm themselves or take their own lives. Some might say that those who kill themselves are cowardly and weak, and that they should tough it out. They might be right. However, whatever the reason the depression comes from, people are different individually in how they perceive the problems they have. You really have to put yourself into their shoes before saying stuff like that. I have been depressed from time to time, and it is a normal thing, nothing special, to get depressed as a human being because we are capable of “thinking” unlike any other animals. The thought of committing suicide has never come across my mind before, but I had moments that I just want to vanish from this world because of all the issues I had, which  seems not to be solved.

2. Psychotic

Those who are Psychotic, like depression, may harm themselves, and on top of that is they have high susceptibility to their own inner voice. When they start thinking that they do not like themselves, they are not accepted by anyone and so forth, they will stick to the thought not matter what other people tell them. Speaking of myself, I partially belong to this category for better or worse. Because of this psychotic tendency, I look in on myself continuously, and once I find some defects in myself, I keep telling myself that I am not good AT ALL, but at the same time, I release all the negative thoughts by talking, sharing and setting goals high, desiring to archive the goals to change my weakness into strength.

3. Impulsiveness

There are types of people who kill themselves impulsively, which is often related to use of drugs and alcohol. When their brain gets malfunctioned, they become not to be able to think rationally. One thought just triggers and snaps their inner desire of  death into reality, just like you buy a candy bar when you see it on the shelf next to a resister while standing in a line. There is no time for them to think about their lives, about their family, friends or lovers, and most importantly, about the consequences caused by killing themselves. I used to drink alcohol, but not anymore since I realized that drinking simply made me do things I usually didn’t and thought less of what I did, like “Anything is possible!”. I always tell people

You should not drink when you are in a total mess, you should drink when you are fully satisfied with yourself

 4. No source for help

People are calling out for help in hopeless times. It is crucial if you can find someone to help you out when you are in need. People can not live without people. We always support each other even if you realize it or not. It is just human nature. Think about the world without people but yourself where there is no one to talk, love, hang out, drink, and work for. Whatever you do just turns into meaningless stuff, and you might say to yourself, “Why am I doing this? What am I doing this for?”. Whenever I have a trouble, I try to solve it by myself first, but eventually I ask someone for help to get the thing done. Even those people who you think are tough are not tough to some extent; they also can’t live without people around them. So having someone you can rely on is always primal in your life. Do not push yourself too hard, people are always there for you. Don’t be shamed when you ask someone for help because that is what they are there for. The help could be little chat to release your stress, could be condolence to take care of yourself mentally, or could be hanging out to enjoy the moment away from all the mess you are currently in. Relying on someone is not a weakness. This strikes those who do not have people to help them, as the most beautiful thing they really want badly, so keep in touch with people always ,and appreciate the fact that you have people to assist you in the time of trouble.

5. Philosophical desire to die

Some people make up their minds to die because of a terminal illness. This has been the bone of contention for many years. Some say it is against nature, and we have to live as long as possible. Well, who knows what is good and bad for them? If I had cancer and was told I would live no longer than a month, and I could not even breath by myself. I might choose to die.

6. Mistakes they have made

This became the recent phenomenon for younger generations. According to the writer of, he/she analyzed it and concluded that the only way to help them out is thorough education.

 A thing that these reasons share in common, except for number 3 and 5.

There is a thing you can not ignore when it comes to theses causes, and that is “Thinking too  negatively “.

To me, the only way out to live in the future without sacrificing one’s life is to stop thinking about all the messes and troubles one has.  I know for sure that everyone has their own problems, and when it goes too far, that is the time they decide to commit suicide. You can’t see any other options left in your life. It seems to be meaningless living in this world, to you.  And it is true.

When that time comes, why don’t you step back from the edge of a cliff, and start thinking about your situation positively and be optimistic about your life.

This is an example based on my experience.

I was struggling with looking for a job. I was thinking about my weaknesses instead of strengths.

“What if I got rejected because of my weakness? What if I can not overcome these problems because of my weakness? I need to get this job no matter what it takes.”

I had been telling myself that over and over again, but at the end of the day, I could not land the job.

I felt like crap and I was exhausted since I did everything I could do to manage to get a job. I felt that I was not useful  or meaningful to this world. Of course I got depressed, but there was a guy who always listened to me and reached his hand to me, no matter how bad the situations were. He always told me stories the most suitable to my situations. Along with him, I was fortunate enough to meet with a lot of wise people. And I was able to think about my life positively, really positively.  After being rejected, getting done with thinking, I had a great opportunity I would  have never thought would fall into my lap. I reflected back on the time I was rejected, and started thinking “Because of the failure and the time of trouble, I decided to do another thing and did it, and now I have this in my life!” I literally thanked all the people and things caused rough patches to me, which eventually led to the good thing.

You never know what is going to happen to you later in your life. It doesn’t matter if you feel miserable now, something will come to you later which you will be thankful to. You have to be positive especially in those time when you are miserable.

As I said I met a lot of people in their 40s-60s with diverse experiences. They knew a lot more about life than I did. Some of words they told me were impressive enough to shape my way of thinking now.

Here is the list of impressive words they said to me.

Give yourself time to be alone and look at your strength instead of weakness. You are the best Japanese man I ever known and you are wise and smart. There are a lot of things you can do, but you are focusing on one thing you can’t do, and it seems that you are  trying to destroy yourself

“Even if the time now is giving you a huge headache, there will be a time you can enjoy in the future and you will look back at the time you were struggling, and you will be able to laugh it off! You have to think about everything in long run!”

“When you are completely exhausted and destroyed, everything seems so meaningless and you feel empty in yourself, but as long as you live, there is always something in your way , which might change your life. “

“Act alive when you are alive”

“Don’t pull yourself too hard all the time. Even if you can not get something you want, just think positively about it. Things you want will come to you at the right time and place in your life, it is all about timing, just like your friends. Your friend did not come in your life just because you wished and tried, but  they came to you because it was the right time and place, and you enjoyed it in fact. The life is unique and full of unexpected events, nobody can guess. So don’t think about “now” too much”

“Human beings are really sensitive and susceptible to their own inner voices. It affects you for better or worse. So think positively. Human beings also have power to affect their thought into a real world. If you are positive, then positive thing will happen to you.”

“If you think you are at your lowest, then it is good, because you won’t get any lower than that”

“You will find something for you as long as you are alive”

For those people who are stuck in negative thoughts about your life, this video might help you find an answer. I watched 9 months ago and gave me a good opportunity to think about my life and step what I have to take when the time of trouble gets in my way.

This man is a professor at the Harvard Business School.

He says “Be a the best quitter” It is the best way to live your moment.

Thank you for reading, I hope this article will help those who are facing difficulties in their lives.

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