I have had the opportunity to work with some of the most innovative and sonically charged media companies such as CNN, Canal Mi Musica, 360 Media and more. Their digitally fashioned work culture and creativity driven environment compel me to work all hours of the day to deliver the highest quality material through the most hectic and chaotic schedules.

It was an honor to be selected by powerful CEO’s to contribute to their visions of entertainment and to bring their inspirations to life with my sense of creative direction and leadership. Television and events are not easy; it takes a great deal of energy and effort to bring an original vision to life. From getting funding, managing logistics, coordinating staff and directing minute details, the challenges can be quite overwhelming; however, persistence and the right mindset will weather the obstacles.

Many ask me what it takes to have a career in television, journalism and media. Although I have worked hard to accomplish my achievements, the truth is–success is a lot easier to have than we think it is. Don’t get me wrong, successful people put their blood, sweat and tears into their ventures, but its tangibility is within the grasp of many people. I am saying it once and for all–everyone AND I MEAN EVERYONE can achieve their dreams: you don’t have to settle for less, you can have the best.

My road to achieving my goals includes these 5 rules.

1. Do not share your dreams with people that do not want to support them
…and that includes even your parents. Success is not a result, it is not a destination; success is a road and most importantly–a mindset. The road to achieving your dreams is the prize. Many give up on their dreams of becoming great athletes, singers and businessmen because of doubters and scoffers in their lives, resulting in them settling for careers they don’t love doing. The truth is, your environment expects and wants you to be average; they want you to do something “normal”–such as nursing, IT or business administration because mediocrity is all they know. Although your parents probably want the best for you, most are not ready to raise their kids with the changes occurring in the 21st century. Most Chinese parents do not know how to encourage a child to become a talk show host. Most Nigerian parents are not prepared to raise a child with dreams of becoming a fashion designer.

Doubtful words such as,”That’s never going to happen for you, don’t believe in that dream,” poison your mind and stifle progress in many cases.

The first rule of success is to keep your dreams from people that do not want to support them and instead share them with people that believe in you.

2. Believe in yourself
We have heard it all before–it has almost become cliche at this point in time. Think, how can you have ambition and climb mountains if you don’t think you can do it? Triumph rarely comes to those that are ambivalent but rather comes to those that believe in the impossible.

Human beings can do WHATEVER they want. The Egyptians built the pyramids, the Incas built Machu Piichu, the Arabs discovered algebra: anything you visualize within your mind can be materialized.

You are your biggest obstacle. Can you believe in the impossible? Will you push forward through the doubt? Pick 3-5 things you are passionate about and go in that general direction with all your energy and eventually one of them will pay off–it is the law of average.

3. Have a relationship with the divine
This step may be hard for atheists, agnostics or materialists, but it can be important to achieving divine purpose. It is easier to get up everyday and work your butt off if you have some sort of relationship with God or whatever you call this ultimate being. A sense of faith and perspective of consciousness larger than yourself give you incentive to weather conflict and rainy days.

4. Get back up and keep going
Anything worth having is not going to be easy. Likewise, achieving goals presents obstacles that can be terrifying and discouraging. Entertainers experience grievous amounts of rejection; they experience doors upon doors being slammed on their faces during auditions. Businessmen traverse the corporate jungle with financial uncertainty and competition.

We all will experience hardship and struggle on the road to success. It is those that get up and keep going after falling off the mountain that eventually achieve something.

5. Charity
Staying at the top is harder than it is to get there. Many times, it is not about who has the most talent or who has the most “dough”, it is about who has the spirit and the will to keep going. When you reach the top, it is going to suck sometimes…..SUCK A LOT. You feel like you begin to hate what you loved doing.

It is those that have a sense of charity and a presence in their community that have the heart to go on. Whether it means connecting your business to some sort of charitable organization, promoting a cause you really believe in or taking time out of your week to service people, possessing a giving spirit makes your time at the top more fruitful.

There’s no point in working years to get to your goals if you get there and you have no heart and have no consciousness of what is going on in the world. A sense of charity and community is vital to a strong mind.


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