CHILLINKANSAI for your curiosity about Japan: from long term resident

I met a smart and energetic man (in a sense) not that long ago. He has been a teacher in Japan for many years. I am always  honored to see him every once in a blue moon because I can get to know more about Japan and IT business. He is a teacher, but at the same time he is working on his maxresdefaultown projects such as a talk show, blogging and other things that have to do with Japan. There are many videos uploaded already on his own Youtube channel, which deals with all sorts of topics. If you are curious about and interested in Japan, there is no way you miss out on this opportunity to get to know him.

As a president of RedDeer International, I am honored to present his Youtube channel and website providing intriguing contents about Japan here on our main RedDeer International branch among other branches.

Give it up for ChillinKansai! Do not forget to subscribe to his youtube channel, and make sure you follow him on his website!


ChillinKansai Youtube channel:

ChillinKansai Website                :


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Author: RedDeer International

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