The beauty of Tabaccomunication

There is a place called “Slam of Gaidai” in our language. Gaidai is the name of my College and slam is, as zombbook_slamyou can imagine, is where criminals, robbers and homeless people gather in general. The reason why we named the place like this is due to the people who tend to assemble there. Those who walk into the place like a zombie have a one track mind always: Smoking a cigarette. And this is crazy to say, but most of the time when I go there, I see people in clothes which gives you the impression that they are bad or delinquent for sure. That is why we started to call the place “Slam of Gaidai”.

You might find it crazy, however this place is a mecca for those who need USF_Lecture_Hallfriends and want to meet new people. Here is how it works. First off, I would like you to imagine yourself taking class just like usual. Chances are that you might not be planning to say a word during the class, and surely there is no time for you to make new friends or meet new people because of the nature of class in school. You do not say “hey pretty, you wanna go out with me?” to the innocent girl sitting right next to you because it doesn’t make any sense and it only makes you look an idiot. Please imagine that you are forced to be in a group in class due to the group discussion your professor told you to do with others. You are not going to say something like “Let’s hang out sometime later” to the members of your group.

With all the efforts to be friendly/ make new friends, you are not going to have anything but study-dude-group.  However, once you step outside of the classroom with たばこ (cigarette) in your hand to take a break, something miraculous will likely happen to you.b548bd976eb95eef0fa4e8a51bbb0e04  You will be able to meet new people and be friensd with them and it does not matter if they are boys or girls. And I call this phenomena “Tabaccomunication“.

Tabaccomunication is the mixed word of Tobacco and Communication. It describes the phenomena and the way of communicating with others through experiencing smoking tobacco with someone new/strangers.

Tabacommunication initiates with one word “Hi/ Hello” from one of two sides. This likely happens when both sides are alone smoking a cigarette. If one of you forgot to bring a lighter, you or the other probably will ask for a lighter without any hesitation. It goes like “Hey can I use your lighter/ Can I bum a cigarette? ” and you respond with either ” Yeah, Let me light it up for you” or “Sure you can have one“. If you are funny guy/a comedian, you might want to make a joke, and probably it will break the ice and tensions between you two.where-can-i-buy-electronic-cigarettes-in-stores

The beauty of tabaccomunication is that you are capable of making conversation a lot easier than you are in class or in other situation. Both sides are relaxed for the most part. You will be able to talk about your life, and you also can ask them to hang out later by all means. The reason behind this is that once you get to know them, it is easier for you to have conversation with them next time. And the point is that they show up there almost everyday. Exceptions occurs= when one of the sides is minding one’s own business, totally spaced out or listening to music with earphones put in their both ears.

With this communication, you will have the opportunity to meet not only new people but also have another connection through people you meet.girl-happy

It is not that I am propagating smoking cigarettes, but it’s just that smoking a cigarette at a designated area for it might bring you better chances to meet new people and have a brand new connection with someone new. Even if you do not smoke cigarettes, why don’t you step in the place with your friends who smoke cigarettes; you will be able to broaden your life and spice it up.

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