Take action and life will respond to it accordingly

It is crucial to know how our choices and actions impact our lives later in the future. Regardless of your age, when you look back at the past, occasionally we feel we came a long way in all respects. Numerous events have taken place that basically created who you are now. It can be very valuable to rethink about how important it is to take actions accordingly to make great impact on your life.

For example, my father, who 53 years old, works at a life insurance company, has been through many tough events in his lifetme. One time, I luckily had a conversation with him,  which usually does not happen at all since we rarely see each other due to the daily schedules we have. He told me that he had slept in and been late for his work, which would later have a great effect on my life, and that’s why he finally was determined to admit that he would like to quit his  job. And so, he told the president of the company. On that day, he had a meeting, which was one of the important chores he had to manage because of his position in the company. Day after the day, the president told him to gather employees and clean up the room for him by 8:30 am. My father woke up at 8:25am, which means he totally screwed it up. After the call he received from the president, he went to the office, but was told to go back home and also was told to come to a director’s meeting on the following day to discuss what had happened and how he felt about his work and if he still wanted to work there. Therefore, he went to the meeting surrounded by the board of directors with angry looks on their faces. At the end of the meeting, they drew the conclusion that my father would have 3 months to work for the company. In addition to that, they allowed him to be absent at the work place when he was interviewing for other positions.

I was only 15 years old then and I did not know what was going on with him since my parents had never told me about this issue. After a while, my father received a call from one of his old friends about a job opportunity at Gibraltar Life Insurance Company, which was a rare opportunity that only 30 out of 2,500 people would successfully obtain. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity since the company usually doesn’t hire that number of people at a time. Thus he applied to it and as luck would have it, he aced it.

In that period of time, the company had a program for full scholarships for young people around 15 to 16 years old to be exchange students in the U.S. to encourage them to see and feel the world. The company had already done this 3 times before in the previous 3 years, and it was the 4th and last time they actually gave scholarships. They stopped the program after I came back to Japan from the U.S for some reason, which I am not still quite sure of.

It was almost the deadline for the scholarship when my father started working for the company. One day, he came back home with a brochure for the program and told me to apply to it. It was definitely the once in a lifetime opportunity for me, but it sure was a long shot at the same time due to the number of students who would be able to actually win: only 12 people. I had never thought about going to study abroad at my age of 16, however, I thought it would be a great chance in that I would be able to enrich my life and develop my English skills. Thus, I did exactly what he told me to do. Like it or not, I was just another Japanese boy who went to an average high school, but my life changed 180 degrees when I was qualified to be an exchange student for the program.

It has been already 5 years since I first went to the United States as an exchange student, and I had another opportunity to be an exchange student at the University of South Florida last year. I am now writing articles in English, having great people around me from all over the world, having my own unique view of the world around me. I am proud of myself now. However, all the things that have happened to me can boil down to the time when my father slept in and was late for his work. If the timing was slightly different or if he hadn’t been late for his work, I would not have had the chance to be an exchange student, nor would the thought of studying abroad have ever crossed my mind. In other words, his being late for his work altered my life completely from that moment on.

It is for sure that he did not sleep in on that day deliberately and that he didn’t know that he had to quit his job to give his son better life later. The point gathered is that even such small action he took unconsciously had great impact on my life in long run. Who would have thought that I would be who I am just because of his being late for work? Nobody!

Then, what if you take an action consciously for yourself while you are wide-awake? Here is what happens:

6 months ago, I founded a website called “RedDeer International”, which is the platform for youth today to voice their interests from politics to travel to the world in the form of articles. I eagerly wanted to be a journalist without any doubt back then, but hadn’t had any experiences to help me become one. I needed something that would give me writing experience and also allow me to travel and see the world. So I created this website. The bottom line is that I took the action consciously and believed in myself that I would get something meaningful later in life if I stuck to it. Finally another opportunity came into my life: one of the editors of student journal Affairs Today today showed up out of the blue, looked at the articles I had written and gave me an opportunity to be a member of the company. This happened within 5 months, which was quicker than I thought it would take.

Whatever the actions you take consciously or unconsciously will always bring you something  in the future. The only difference between taking actions when you are conscious and unconscious is the time it will take to make something happen. If you are consciously taking actions for the purpose you have within yourself, then the moment you take the action will alter your life in the future much faster. This is like an old story your grandpa would always tell you, but it truly will happen.

For most of the time, people get scared and neglect to take actions since they are not sure what will happen later or when it will happen, but what you do everyday creates who you will be later in every respect. This is another way to get to have a successful life and live your dream, but why don’t you take a moment to rethink what actions you should take to get to the point where you would like to be down the road? Because if you do make the right choices, even if it is a small thing like sleeping in and being late, it could benefit you later. It might be better idea to pay attention to the moves you make in everything you do.

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