3rd Announcement



Hey! Welcome back to the RedDeer International Podcast!

Today I ‘m not going talk about English idioms or any other Japanese-English sayings, but I would like to make an announcement here . RedDeer Internationa.. hah. RedDeer International actually made a short film that is just 20 minutes long and it is about a boy who has been struggling with his life and his quest to determine out the meaning of life.

He’s been through all kinds of struggles. He thinks back in time from the time he was born to the time where he is now, and then at the end, he finds something important in his life. You are likely already familiar with this kind of story. It’s really thought-provoking and I would like you guys to watch it. Of course it has subtitles. So I hope you guys enjoy it.

Please help us to get subscribers on our Youtube channel.

Please! We do not have any subscribers . If you like the video, please subscribe to us on our Youtube channel. I ‘m begging you from the bottom of my heart. I love you guys. I love all the subscribers who are subscribing to our podcast.


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Author: RedDeer International

We are cutting edge We are fresh We are relevant We are made by #GLOBALYOUTH, for #GLOBALYOUTH; we are RedDeer International! There is a new generation that needs to be heard, a generation without borders, a people connected by technology and globalization, who share similar attitudes and values: they are #GLOBALYOUTH. RedDeer International is a platform for Generation Y, a place for them to voice their unique views on the world, a place for them to hear what other millenials have to say. From global affairs, news, music, lifestyle and entertainment, we dive into the voices of this generation. http://www.reddeerinternational.com STALK US @reddeerinternational Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube Soundcloud

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