RedDeer International is a cutting edge digital media source made for: the NEW world, the NEW generation, the NEW crowd— #GLOBALYOUTH

Millenials have distrust for established media giants, preferring to hear information from people they can relate to, from people they can trust. RedDeer International is comprised of articles, podcasts and a digital TV show made by global youth, made for global youth, covering a diverse range of topics: global affairs, lifestyle, music, travel, advice—all of which are voiced by youthful faces.

Our six editions: RedDeer TV, RedDeer 360, RedDeer Illustrated, RedDeer Unplugged, RedDeer Voices, RedDeer Pulse, are the ultimate guide to the 21st century. From politics to fashion, we blog about our world as it changes rapidly in our digital driven time.

Connect with RDI; Put your finger on the pulse of our digital world!




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