Top 5 Riots of 2014

What is going on in today’s world and what events and trends shape this generation? On one side, there are amazing things happening in technology and globalization: social media, medicine and an ever-interconnected world. On the other side of the card exists an unbearable buzz of conflict and social upheaval, a dark cloud that shrouds our daily news. Everywhere we turn, television and social media are flooded with images of violence and international conflict caused by RIOTS. The world is changing rapidly with technology and globalization; however, these swift changes are conjuring internal discords within the microcosms of our interconnected global civilization. Clashing ideologies– varying from politics, religion and economics–are bringing human civilization to a breaking point. As the masses continue to challenge the status quo, riots are becoming the identifying theme in our time in history.

Today’s Top 5 Riots
5. Hong Kong
The free-market city-state of Hong Kong exploded this month when student activists swarmed the streets, protesting mainland China’s influence in the upcoming 2017 elections. Known by several hashtags: #umbrellaprotests, #HKDemocracy and #OccupyCentral, the civil disobedience commenced when the tenth session of the Standing Committee in the twelfth National People’s Congress set limits for the 2016 Legislative Council election and 2017 Chief Executive election. Class boycotts soon followed, leading to the largest protest in Hong Kong since 1997.
4. Venezuela
After years of dystopian conditions: extreme corruption, violence, inflation and authoritative abuse, discontent Venezuelan students took their mode of anarchy to the streets, varying from peaceful protests: sit-ins and hunger strikes, to full out mob confrontations with the armed forces. The internal civil unrest, propelled by rampant corruption and government mismanagement, has caused dozens of deaths and thousands of arrests and injuries.
3. Syria
Currently one of the world’s major conflicts, the Syrian Civil War started brewing in 2011, when citizens protesting President Bashar Al-assad’s government were met with violent responses from government armed forces. The Syrian protests started when the Assad government, a camp that promised social reform and progression towards democracy, failed to live up to their promises—abuse of human rights, ethnic inequality and economic inequality continued.  After three years of military conflict, over 100,000 lives have been claimed and 6.5 million people have been displaced.
Mideast Syria
2. Ukraine
Decades of intense political history with Russia and Europe are finally coming to a boiling point as Ukraine experiences demonstrations across dozens of cities. The pro-Russian versus pro-European opposition came to a head when then President Victor Yanukovych signed a treaty with Russia, dissolving relations with the European Union and inciting tension from numerous Ukrainian ethnic groups. The violent revolution ultimately lead to the exile of President Victor Yanukovych; as protesters and armed forces alike lit cities ablaze.
1. Israel/Gaza
And the number 1 spot goes to….yup, you guessed it, the decades’ long conflict that has had the pulse of the world for most of modern media—Isarel/Gaza. The story of the 2014 internal unrest surrounds a volley of bombs between Israeli forces and the Hamas, a Palestinian ethnic group. The situation worsened when three Israeli teenagers were allegedly kidnapped by Hamas operatives, leading to increased bombardment by Israeli militia. Air strikes and ground invasions from both sides have caused many deaths and injuries to civilians, leading to international political controversies that are lighting social media ablaze.
Although the reality looks grim, some would say the outlook is bright—ordinary citizens standing up for their rights, taking action and bringing change. Despite the violence and losses, I consider this spirit of riot a special component to our time.



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2nd Announcement from RedDeer International

It has already been 5 months since RedDeer International was founded. So far we have more than 27,000 followers on our social media platforms such as FacebookTwitterSound Cloud and Instagram.

Here is the 2nd announcement from Fumiya Akashika on behalf of the RedDeer International Group. It is only 2 and half minutes long. I hope you can spare a little time to listen!

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CHILLINKANSAI for your curiosity about Japan: from long term resident

I met a smart and energetic man (in a sense) not that long ago. He has been a teacher in Japan for many years. I am always  honored to see him every once in a blue moon because I can get to know more about Japan and IT business. He is a teacher, but at the same time he is working on his maxresdefaultown projects such as a talk show, blogging and other things that have to do with Japan. There are many videos uploaded already on his own Youtube channel, which deals with all sorts of topics. If you are curious about and interested in Japan, there is no way you miss out on this opportunity to get to know him.

As a president of RedDeer International, I am honored to present his Youtube channel and website providing intriguing contents about Japan here on our main RedDeer International branch among other branches.

Give it up for ChillinKansai! Do not forget to subscribe to his youtube channel, and make sure you follow him on his website!


ChillinKansai Youtube channel:

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The beauty of Tabaccomunication

There is a place called “Slam of Gaidai” in our language. Gaidai is the name of my College and slam is, as zombbook_slamyou can imagine, is where criminals, robbers and homeless people gather in general. The reason why we named the place like this is due to the people who tend to assemble there. Those who walk into the place like a zombie have a one track mind always: Smoking a cigarette. And this is crazy to say, but most of the time when I go there, I see people in clothes which gives you the impression that they are bad or delinquent for sure. That is why we started to call the place “Slam of Gaidai”.

You might find it crazy, however this place is a mecca for those who need USF_Lecture_Hallfriends and want to meet new people. Here is how it works. First off, I would like you to imagine yourself taking class just like usual. Chances are that you might not be planning to say a word during the class, and surely there is no time for you to make new friends or meet new people because of the nature of class in school. You do not say “hey pretty, you wanna go out with me?” to the innocent girl sitting right next to you because it doesn’t make any sense and it only makes you look an idiot. Please imagine that you are forced to be in a group in class due to the group discussion your professor told you to do with others. You are not going to say something like “Let’s hang out sometime later” to the members of your group.

With all the efforts to be friendly/ make new friends, you are not going to have anything but study-dude-group.  However, once you step outside of the classroom with たばこ (cigarette) in your hand to take a break, something miraculous will likely happen to you.b548bd976eb95eef0fa4e8a51bbb0e04  You will be able to meet new people and be friensd with them and it does not matter if they are boys or girls. And I call this phenomena “Tabaccomunication“.

Tabaccomunication is the mixed word of Tobacco and Communication. It describes the phenomena and the way of communicating with others through experiencing smoking tobacco with someone new/strangers.

Tabacommunication initiates with one word “Hi/ Hello” from one of two sides. This likely happens when both sides are alone smoking a cigarette. If one of you forgot to bring a lighter, you or the other probably will ask for a lighter without any hesitation. It goes like “Hey can I use your lighter/ Can I bum a cigarette? ” and you respond with either ” Yeah, Let me light it up for you” or “Sure you can have one“. If you are funny guy/a comedian, you might want to make a joke, and probably it will break the ice and tensions between you two.where-can-i-buy-electronic-cigarettes-in-stores

The beauty of tabaccomunication is that you are capable of making conversation a lot easier than you are in class or in other situation. Both sides are relaxed for the most part. You will be able to talk about your life, and you also can ask them to hang out later by all means. The reason behind this is that once you get to know them, it is easier for you to have conversation with them next time. And the point is that they show up there almost everyday. Exceptions occurs= when one of the sides is minding one’s own business, totally spaced out or listening to music with earphones put in their both ears.

With this communication, you will have the opportunity to meet not only new people but also have another connection through people you meet.girl-happy

It is not that I am propagating smoking cigarettes, but it’s just that smoking a cigarette at a designated area for it might bring you better chances to meet new people and have a brand new connection with someone new. Even if you do not smoke cigarettes, why don’t you step in the place with your friends who smoke cigarettes; you will be able to broaden your life and spice it up.

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Top 8 Tips for Living in the Now

The present is the most precious thing there is in the universe. Don’t let the world tell you that success is anything but a successful moment.

1. Take responsibility
If you find yourself in an intolerable situation, remove yourself from it, change it or accept it. If you want to take responsibility for your life, you must choose 1 of those 3 options. Focus on your immediate surroundings; use your senses; look at what is in front of you right now. Be content in the present moment, circumstances and environment.

2. Always say yes to the present moment.
Accept the present moment, then act. Whatever the universe presents to you in the moment, accept it as if you had chosen it; always work with it and not against it.

3. Live, learn, adapt, and grow
Life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness. Realizing this, use it to undergo unpleasant or unexpected moments by experiencing its totality and growing. Hard times are meant to refine your consciousness, propelling it forward and shaping it to reach its highest potential.

4. Lighten Up
Don’t take life too seriously! Just lighten up. More often than not, your worries and anxieties stem from an unstable and an unbalanced mind–caused internally as opposed to externally. Careers, relationships, money, school: all these trivial things are values that society forces onto your consciousness. The most important thing in life is happiness; so, learn to let go and experience happiness. Happiness is not something you create; it is something you let into your life. Think of light: it is not something you create but something you open your window to, allowing the sun to illuminate your home.

5. Realize That Love is Not Outside of You
Love is a state of being; it is not outside, but rather, deep within you. You can never lose it. Life gets messy, sometimes covering and burying your innate ability to activate the state of love. Make a habit of regularly cleansing your internal being, which purifies karma that accumulates in your consciousness. Just as you clean a room regularly as dust clutters, you must clear the clutter in your consciousness.

6. Strip Negativity Immediately
The more you dwell on the negative, the more obsessed you become with it. Negativity can start as something minuscule and insignificant; but if left unattended, it can manifest into something debilitating and oppressive: guilt, anxiety, anger and depression. Regularly identify and recognize negative thoughts and entities in your consciousness before they manifest in your mind and actions.

7. Complain Less
When you complain, you make yourself a victim; to complain is non-acceptance of what is. It is the nature of the mind to complain, but not the nature of the soul. Learn how to dissociate the mind from the being, separating the permanent entity that accepts all circumstances from the reactive mind that is deluded by the senses.

8. See Things as for the First Time
This one pretty similar to the first way. But it can be useful when you have a hard time just observing your surroundings.

That’s when you can look at things as for the first time. Imagine it like that, take that role. Like someone who has never experienced this before. Like a child or someone who has never been here before. I like this one and I have been doing it from time to time for years (although back then I didn’t really understand why it felts nice when I did it).


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Signs of a Bloodsucking Frenemy

In most cases, people are highly particular about their romantic partners: looks, personality, morals, career – the standards are high! However, the same cannot be said for close friends; people are not as picky about finding close confidants to share their personal lives with; but, you should not just allow anyone into your life. Your close circle of friends needs to be like an elite basketball team; everyone has to be up to standards and anyone who doesn’t meet them gets cut from the team.

1. Unsupportive
People who are unsupportive of your dreams and goals are dangerous to your well-being. Your all-star cast of friends needs to be completely enthusiastic about anything you want to do; whether it’s music, sports or business, a true friend helps you achieve your dreams. Even if the person is not necessarily critical, an attitude of indifference is unacceptable.

2. Unavailable
If a person is always too busy, too far, or too caught up, what is the point of having him/her as a friend? A friend is supportive of things going on in your life, whatever hardship or difficulty it is. You should be able to call your friend and spill all of your problems; you should be able to lean on a friend’s shoulder.

3. Self-absorbed
The person who is only concerned about his/her problems, always absorbed in his/her life, and never gives attention to you gets cut from your team. A friendship is a 50/50 balance: you support their life, they support your life; you don’t need someone in your personal space who is only concerned about his or her self.

4. Negative Vampires
The negative vampire is prime suspect number one! This person is drama 24/7, always has a traumatic story to tell, always fighting with someone, always dragging you into conflict. This life absorbing, negative person needs to be cut off immediately; you don’t need someone taking your energy away.

5. The Opportunist
This person is only interested in getting something from you, riding off your coat tail and mooching off of your fruits. This person has nothing to offer your life, but rather, benefits from all of your success and wealth. In the end, you will feel used and drained from the opportunities; so,  they…got to GO!

Treat members in your circle of close friends sacred; so, don’t just let anyone in. They need to be strong across the board: supportive, positive, available, worthy of your time. A core group of positive friends is vital to a successful and fulfilling life.

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How to avoid situations that make you mad

Honestly speaking, there is no way to avoid these situations, and they will come out of the blue and give you the punch boywonderhitting right into your face.

For instance, I thought I was going to receive a job offer right off the bat after starting job hunting in that I had a great background and experience most people have not been through before. I was pretty much stuck up and thought of it lightly, but the truth was a far cry from what I expected.

One time, this interviewer told me at the end of interview:

“I am sorry but I can’t give you a job offer since you do not take a hint and struggle to be modest. You are too confident and aggressive.”

It literally gave me a pause; I was dumbfound and did not know what to say in reply. It was the hardest moment I have ever had during job hunting when looking back. All the confidence running through in my veins evaporated instantly.

The mistake that I made was that I was expecting something from them. I was expecting them to say something nice and warm, and accept me without any doubts.

Expecting something is alright sometimes , but most of the time, it turns out to be no good at all in our lives. Why? Because the world we are living in is simply standing on sequences of unexpected events. It is not stable and there is nothing we can use to stabilize them.

When you expect something, you are not thinking about others and all the things around you but only you and your benefits.  Don’t try and refute this, you have to admit it. This isn’t bullshit. And you become a self-centered person. In this situation, when the worst case just falls into you, you basically go off like a bomb. In addition to that, after you go crazy, chances are that the situation will not get any better but will be steadily getting worse.

I am now telling you that everything is not going to go exactly as you wish unless you are God or Harry Potter… hold on, Harry Potter couldn’t even anticipate what was going to happen for most parts in the films.

Here is another example of expecting: When I was in high school, there was this beautiful girl and I was head over heels in love with her on first sight. As a luck would have it, we started to go out on dates. I was expecting her to love me back as I did her, but ironically it did not take place. My expectations just brought the relationship to an end at the end of the day.

She told me that she felt that I was putting her into where there was no way out for her to take a rest, and it was too much.

I texted her that it was not too much but I was simply showing how much I cared about her. She did not reply and was silent.   I learned some lessons from it. Thank you very much.

Another example is that I was expecting that I had done pretty good work on an exam and aced it. However when the teacher returned my paper back to me, it really rained on my parade. I got 40 out of 100 which was not my expectation, and of course, I picked a little quarreling fight with my teacher, pointing out what I was expecting to get. Afterwords, he had me standing in the hall right next to the class room due to my destruction of the atmosphere in the room.

Here is one more example: I was between jobs back in time when I was still in college.  I asked the former boss of mine at restaurant I used to work at for a job offer as a part time worker again. He, without missing a beat, said that he would willingly give me a job since he had known me for almost 4 years. I did not appreciate it; I took it for granted and asked him for 10 bucks per an hour due to my gut feeling that I was deserving this amount of money. He rejected the offer and did counter offer suggesting that I would get 9 bucks instead.  I am little bit of a short tempered guy compared to others to be honest, and it got to me.

Let’s get back to the main point of this article: “How to avoid situations that make you mad”. The reason you get mad is that things don’t work out in your favor.

The most efficient way to avoid these is to not expect anything in your life.  There is nothing you can have control over. There is nobody you can rule over. Everything happens for a reason but not in your favor. You have to have a self control telling yourself that you have to acknowledge everything taking place in your life without resisting against them.


Is there something you can control? Yes there is. There is one thing you can control. What is it? It is “you”.  You the only one you can control in this world. You get what you deserve in this world if you are active and aware of your surroundings.

If you want to get your ex back, you cannot expect them to come back to you. You have to take control over yourself and change yourself in the first place to be attractive enough to make them feel like getting back together.

In the process of making efforts and putting yourself in the place where you want to be, you are going to gain the power to attract and touch people’s lives which makes it easier for you to expect something you want from them.


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New Edition “RedDeer Voices ” coming soon

I am Fumiya Akashika, the president of RedDeer International. This time I would like to make an announcement on behalf of the members of our team.

Date: August 8, 2014

From: Fumiya Akashika (on behalf of RedDeer International)

To:  Readers


  1. Reason why I created  this site
  2. How this blog works


I have been connected with great people throughout my life since I was child. This blog title will be “Great People of the world”. “So who are the great people?” When I ask you all these question, many of you might name a lot of famous and rich people such as Michael Jackson, Will Smith, Eminem, or Albert Einstein . These people are truly great. They archived  their dreams and goals by making all out efforts and working hard on all fronts. They have encountered a lot of challenges and difficulties in their lives, but they picked themselves up time and time again, honing their crafts and starting again from scratch when an error was made. That is why they succeeded.

However, I would like to say that Great People are not only these iconic people but also those who are working toward their dreams and objects day by day. There are a lot of people in this world who are struggling and trying to make it to where they want to be. And it does not matter whether or not they are well-known, these people who are working on their dreams and aspirations are beautiful and awesome (in my language). They are truly worthy to be known by people all around the world, as they have abilities to attract and touch millions of people’s lives. Those people who are walking and working toward their goals have a special aura that is different from others, and life has a special kind of meaning to them.


<Why I decided to create this blog>

With one and only one reason, I made up my mind to create this blog.

I have been a boy who was so passionate and motivated  (according to people around me and me as well), and had always ambitions and dream in my mind, which were, most of time, made fun of and rejected by so many people. They told me:

That is impossible and unrealistic. You have to get back to  reality instead of running toward and dreaming about things you are passionate about“,

What kind of skills do you have to archive the goal, how are you going to get money to keep doing what you want sustainably? You have nothing, just live a life as it is“.

I was sick and tired of hearing those words. It was much more harmful when I was told the same thing by the one I was truly counting on and the one who I wanted to push me toward the goal. I felt that I had to live a life giving up on my dreams, aspirations and inventions that were buzzing in my mind.

When I was the most depressed, fortunately, I met this guy who is now the one of members of RedDeer International, Bobu. He was clearly passionate and always had a concrete dream in his mind. He told me:

Do not listen to those who are discouraging you, they do not realize what people are capable of and what potential people have, and they do not understand you

He told me also:

Go for your dream and believe in yourself, if there is nobody out there who believes in you, who else is going to believe you? It is you.

Because of him, I am now who I am, doing what I love to do. Because of him, I could overcome a depression and slump that anchored me down. Because of him, I feel that I am the capable being I am and that I can start to believe in myself.  Of course, I am not sure what is lurking around the corner, but I believe in myself and that pushes me to where I want to be even when I am in slump and feel lonely.

Will Smith says:

You have to believe in yourself in the first place, since then decide who you are going to be ,and what you are going to do for your dream.

I know how powerful it is to have people like Bobu in my life in order to go for my dream. I believe that if you want to keep motivated and passionate about whatever you are doing, it is for the best to get to know those who are motivated and passionate, and connect yourself with them. It is just one of many ways to enhance your life, but I believe it helps you to think about your life and dreams.

And that is why I created this blog. I am sure that many of you are worried and unsure about your life, and keep asking yourself “What if”. To those people, I would like to introduce you to other people who are successful and passionate in their lives, and who are running toward their dreams, and I would also like you to attach yourself to those people in a variety of ways. I believe that it will help you to keep feeling motivated, and it also will give you aspiration, inspiration, hope , dreams and an idea of what human beings ( you ) are capable of.

<How this blog works>

As I mentioned, great people are not the only people who are famous; great people are always around you.

We will write articles about those who have been working on their dreams and accomplished their goals and dreams by getting contact with them to deliver articles as genuinely as possible.

This is an extreme example, but we would write about our  parents , and our sisters and brothers since they are so passionate and we truly respect  what they are doing, and at the same time, we would write about those who are well-known. It is not that they are famous but those who achieved their dreams and goals, and are admired by people are those who have been through difficulties and challenges in their lives.

We will treat everybody (it does not matter what background they have)  as an individual; as the one who has been working toward their dreams.

I hope this blog will give you motivation, hopes, dreams , aspirations and inspirations, and the power to push yourself and believe in yourself.

Greatness is not this wonderful, esoteric, illusive God like feature that only the special among us will ever take. It is something that truly exists in all of us

By Will Smith

Thank you,

Sincerely yours,

Fumiya Akashika, the president of RedDeer International

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The dream that you are holding in your mind is possible

I do not know what the dream is that you have, I do not care how disappointing it might have been as you’ve been working toward that dream, but the dream that you are holding in your mind, that is Possible.

Some of you already know that is hard. It’s not easy.

It’s hard changing your life.


And in the process of working on your dream, you are going to incur

a lot of disappointment ,

a lot of failure,

a lot of pain

and there are moments when you are going to doubt yourself


 “Why, God, Why does this have to happen to me?

images-2“I am just trying to take care of my children and my mother and I am not trying to steal or rob from anybody”

How did this have to happen to me?

But those of you that have been experiencing those hardships,

Don’t give up on your dream.

The rough times have come, but they have not come to stay, they have come to pass.

Greatness is not this wonderful, esoteric, illusive God like feature that only the special among us will ever take, but something that truly exists in all of us.


“It’s very important for you to believe that

 you are the one”

Most people raise their family, they earn their livings , and then they die.

They stop growing, they stop working on themselves, they stop stretching, they stop pushing themselves,

 There are a lot of people like to complain but they do not want to do anything about their situation.


Most of people do not work on their dreams.


1 is because of fear, the fear of failure


what if things do not work out


Fear of success

What if they do , I can not handle it

These are not risk takers.

You spent so much time with another people

You spent so much time trying to get people like you

You know other people more than you know yourself

You study them

you know about them

You wanna hang out like them

you wanna be just like them,

and you know what ?

You have been investing so much time with them , but you do not know who you are.

I challenge you to spend time by yourself.

It’s necessary that you get the losers out of your life if you want to live your dream.

 For people who are running toward their dream, life has special kind of meaning.


When you become the right person, what you do is just separating yourself from other people

you begin to have a certain uniqueness

As long as you are following another people

As long as you are being a copy cat

You will never ever be the best copy cat in the world

but you will be the best you could be

I challenge you to define your value

Everybody won’t see it, everybody won’t join you , everybody won’t have a vision

It’s necessary to know that, that you are uncommon breed.

It’s necessary to know that you are relying on yourself with people that are attracting people into your business, who are hungry, people who are unstoppable, unreasonable, people who are rebuilding to leave life just as it is, and who want more.

People that are living their dream are appealing to winners, they have attached themselves to

People that are living their dreams that know that if its going to happen, it is up to them.

If you wanna be more successful, if you wanna have and do things you have never done or had before

No.2 , I am asking you to invest in you 

Someone’s opinion of you does not have to become your reality 

You do not have to go through life being a victim

Even though you face disappointment, you have to know within yourself that

“I can do this, even if no one is going to see it for me, I may see it for myself.”

This is what I believe, and I am willing to die for it, Period

No matter how bad it is, or how bad it gets,

I’m going to make it.

I wanna represent an idea, I wanna represent possibilities.

Some of you right now, you wanna be, you know what I am saying, you wanna go to the next level.

I wanna council, you know, I wanna be an engineer, I wanna be a doctor,

Listen to me

You can not get to the level economically where you wanna be until you start investing in your mind

you might be reading books

I am challenging you to go to college

I dare you to invest timeimages-2

I dare you to be alone

I dare yo to spend hours to get to know yourself

When you become who you are

When you become the person you are created to be, designed to be who you are designed to be 

When you become an individual,  what you do is to take yourself  and you start separating yourself from other people .

“I am trying to get you to go a place where people don’t like you or don’t even bother you anymore. Why? Cause you are not worried about making others happy,

Because you challenge more, you challenge to get to the next level.

I challenge you to invest in your mind .

And if you still talk about your dream

If you still talk about your goal

but you have not done anything

“JUST TAKE THE FIRST STEP”first-step-199x300

You can make your parents proud

You can make your school proud

You can touch millions of people’s live 

and the world will never be the SAME again.

Because you came this way

Don’t let ANYBODY steal your dream

We face the rejection of “NO


We have a meeting and no one shows up


someone says

You can count on me

and they don’t come through, Why do we have kind of that attitude? Because we possess.

No body believes in you

You’ve lost again and again and again  

the Light is cut off

but you are still looking at your dream reviewing you every day saving your step

It’s Not Over until I WIN



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What is life to you? What is it? Have you given seconds to yourself to think about it? If you have not done it yet, it is time for you to do it now. If you are struggling with finding out what it is to you now, alright, keep doing it.

Some believe that life is tough and not easy, but when they get over those tough things, they can get satisfied and grown up, and that is life.  It is true if you are loving what you are currently doing now. If you are wasting your time by doing routine work because you have to, then I would say that you are dead in this world.

What is life to you? 

Is it working all day long for something you are not appreciating? Please ask yourself what exactly you want to do. Does what you are doing now lead up to your ideal life and dream in your head?

What is life to you? 

Is it studying something you would not use later in your life, but you are studying anyway to get a job? This is right in a sense. Nowadays it is really hard to get a job without a college degree. It is like people are saying, “without a college degree, they won’t hire you”. Does it scare you?

However, at the same time, it is even getting harder to land a job even if you have a college diploma now.

College is not important, but what you have been doing and how intense it was/is and how much you put your efforts into whatever you like is the important point. It is not even only related to colleges but also everything you do.

I know a guy who dropped out of college, but since he was doing something he was interested in, now he has a job he loves doing.

What is life to you? What are you designed for? What do you want to be?

If the goal of your life is to get whatever job after college, then go for it and get better scores on every test you take.

Those who feel that they cannot to anything better than others, it is time for you to find your thing.

How many old people tell you to do what you want to do, what you really can enjoy? A lot!

Here are tips from the top I have heard

Those who are still in school, I would like to tell you

Find one thing, and start investing your time and energy into it in all respects

Those who are working but not really appreciating it

Saving money until you get enough, and move on and start building new life, investing everything you have

Those who are satisfying with status quo

You are literally living in your dream and life, and you have to start to tell people how you achieved it to people 

What is your goal in your life?  Have you ever wanted to be successful? 

I bet every one wants to be successful or have an ideal life. Why don’t you go for it from now on?!

Yes, now is the time!! It could not be any better time for you to start it!

People are struggling with discovering one thing they are good at and passionate about, but the truth is that they know what it is. It does not matter if it is really vague and ambiguous, but they do know deep down. Do try focusing on one thing you want to do. Do not be deluded by many things you have done before in your life. Pick one! and start investing.

I do not know how you define successful, but there are two types of people on the earth who are successful.

  1. People who know what they like to do, and start investing their time into it, and eventually what they do becomes their life.
  2. People who can make all out efforts day and night on a thing they have to do.

What are you? Do you want to be 1 or 2?

All that I can tell after talking to diverse people is

1. Pick one thing

2. Invest everything you have into it

3. Make an all out effort on it 

I guarantee you that you will be living your ideal life later if you start doing these 3 points.

 Scared to take a step for whatever reason

Because of this, many choose the path leading up to nowhere in terms of making their lives more favorable to them.

Do you know why you got scared? Because you are not sure, and because you don’t have a clear plan to get to the point where you want to be. If you have a clear planefor it, I am telling you that all the clouds on the horizon in your mind will be cleared up.

Ok, here is what you have to do to live your life.

1. Pick one

2. Build clear and detailed plan as mush as you could with some backup plans( long run)

3. Start investing 

4. Make all out effort 

People will tell you there is no short cut in your life to live up your life,  but actually there is.

It’s as simple as ABC

And that is

Making a move toward your life and goal.

Alright now, get your heavy back up from a chair and start making moves.

Next, I will introduce some mindsets successful people have in common.

Here is a video for you

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stay tuned

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