Civil conflict broke out again in Libya


I know most of you have heard of the situation in Libya many times through the media, but can you really trust those things people are saying on TV? Have you heard anything about it straight from the horse’s mouth? If you have not, this article will be for you.

I happened to talk to a guy from Libya, a 34 year old studying education in the U.S.,  2 days ago. He was a really intelligent man and a man of compassion. He was kind and thoughtful enough to speak about the condition and situation going on in his home country which most people from his country are afraid of dealing with talking about with others in the fear of being killed once they get back to their country, Libya.

The conversation started with a simple question I asked him: “How is everything going on back in your country?” He did not open his mouth for a moment, seeming to hesitate a little before say something he had in his mind about his country.

10 minutes had passed and he started talking about issues and problems Libyan people are facing at this moment. He said:

Libya is now in a total mess, 3 years ago in 2011, Gaddhafi, who had been the president of Libya for 42 years and deemed as a tyranny for so long by its people, was killed. After his death, rebellions evolved into tears of joy and everything , but it did not last long as matter of fact

He also mentioned how people all across the world mistakenly have been receiving the pieces of information on the issues and things happening in Libya.

Most people outside of Libya can not wise up to what is really going on in Libya. For the most part, media are exaggerating the contents on TV when they broadcast them on air. For instance, it seemed as if those rebellions had defeated and overthrew the tyrant, Gaddafi, but the truth is that 97% of contribution to overthrowing him was made by the international organization whose name is NATO which is dealing with all kinds of security issues taking place in these 23 nations taking part in this organization. Only 3% of it was made by those rebellions you saw on TV

So Let’s get to the point. He told me about the war that just broke out in Libya 2 weeks ago in many words. To get a better understanding about the war, you must know exactly what happened 3 years ago back in 2011 in Libya.

In 2011, People were fired up about overthrowing the tyranny who had been occupying the country, hogging the country and striking down everywhere with his ultimate political power no one could ever resist against. Rebellions took over Benghazi, Mistratah and Tripoli at the end of the war from its government they called “Evil” in the hope of gaining freedom people have been pressuring for more than 40 years. Some people described the tyrant by saying, “He is not the son of evil, but the father of evil“.

They sailed their ship in the uncharted water weathering the storm and successfully navigated themselves to their goal. After the death of Gaddafi, it seemed like everything was smooth sailing. However, they did not let the new government have legal powers to maintain the nation with its military  forces as well as that of police. Therefore, they started stealing people’s belongings, intimidating with guns in their hands, and the nation gradually turned into the nation of mass destruction and deteriorated.

And there they are now.

Each city in Libya has its own militia, which attacks anyone coming from other cities. It is like a guy living in Texas that goes to Florida and gets shot to death just because he is an outsider. Anyway, the reason why they have militias in each city is partly because some armed people who fought in 2011 remained in those cities after the war, and partly because they want to simply protect the citizens in their cities from those armed with rifles and guns coming from other cities.

And this is exactly what is happening now according to this man I was talking to 2 days ago. He has his family back in Libya. He articulated his concern about this ongoing war and bloody battles among same races as well as his family staying there. He also told me about one of his brothers who used to literally fight against the tyranny in the front line back in 2011.

He is not sure when his country is going to come to a peaceful solution.

Here is the video you might want to check out to get to know more about the battle back in 2011.

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