President Mitterrand

Since French President Mitterrand stepped down in 1995 (and subsequently died in 1996) it appears that not much has changed regarding layers of bureaucracy. According to the concept of laicité, politics and society should be separate. While a noble idea, it is near impossible in such a complex system. There are a few positions that hold quite a bit of conflicting power: the President, the Premier, and the National Assembly. The Council of Ministers is now chaired by persons of nonpolitical careers, but they lack much power beyond an advisory capability due to the President and the Premier. Even more fluid is their size and usefulness. There are six major political parties who reside on different places on a political spectrum of the sliding scale from conservative to liberal. The reasons are all very complicated, but basically French politics are incredibly unstable. Parties come and go like the tide. There have been few ways in which a citizen could truly be part of the governmental process beyond voting for the National Assembly (despite five-year terms being nothing to laugh at).

What makes France so unusual is its highly centralized government. When Mitterrand was voted in, (via the Socialist Party) the system had been overhauled once before by Napoleon in 1801. He simply introduced more radical measures. During the 1980s the position to do this overhaul was not limited to just the Socialists – many parties shared this view. A more streamlined government was seen as a more efficient one. The concept was deceptively simple: give local governments more managing power over local issues. In some of the smallest communes, prefects have the responsibility, as they used to prior to the heavy centralization.

Currently there has been slow movement towards decentralization. Technically, I think it has not realized the true goal that Mitterrand intended. First, local governments need to be willing to take control and the government needs to be willing to give it. Overall, the system is better than in was before in Mitterrand’s vision. It can be seen in the Defferre Law which was “intended as an instrument of administrative-political decentralization” – there is some conflicting text (Safran 42). Regional governments were not to replace the central government but to simply support it. The regions had the power to “assure to the region the preservation of identity” while at the same time “respecting ‘the unity of the nation’” (Safran 43). Tricky, sticky stuff. This is an interesting concept – the decentralization is heavily regulated and controlled, to the extent that regional issues are secondary to the unity of the nation.

I do not think a decentralized government is truly possible in the way that Mitterrand wanted. It was promoted to recognize the “middle class aspiration to lessen the role of the state” (Tiersky 129). It was the next great Mitterrand plan, buoyed by the concept of local self representation. After all, the Senate has an electoral election to decide its members. The concept cannot be considered complete when it has barely been enacted so far. Change may be slow but “ Nothing is truly destroyed,’ said the nineteenth-century French sociologist Auquste Comte, ‘until it is replaced’” (Tiersky 129).


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French Legal Schooling

France’s legal system has a different origin than the of the UK or the US. It began as something divided – there was the king, the nobles, and the Roman Catholic Church. France does not have a common law system. Rather, they have a civil system that is based on the works of the Roman Empire. One of the most important is Emperor Justinian’s Code (i.e. Corpus Juris Civilis) which offered a “systemic view of law that was devoid of church doctrine” (Terrill 149). The removal of the secular aspects allowed the entry of non-clergy members to become part of the judicial process and adapted the form of education. It is also an inquisitorial system. This means that the court is involved with the investigation of the crime.

University education is highly regarded. To enter the legal profession is no easy feat. Law is seen as a science. The texts are to be analyzed and understood. There are no juries for general cases (the exception being Assize), so the magistrates must not only have an excellent understanding of the law but a grasp of general truth. While it appears that the newly graduated magistrates and DAs have no practicable experience “in the field” or the argumentative aspect seen in US and UK courts, there is no need for that in the French system. Rather, there is a lot of responsibility on the court workers to complete the investigation and trail in its entirety as fairly as possible. While there is the concept of innocent until proven guilty, there is no writ of habeas corpus. However the Constitution and the Code of Criminal Procedure does guarantee certain procedural safeguards.

The French have a “system of ‘inquisitorial’ justice” that relies of the ability of the magistrate. In the US and UK system, the police and the prosecution gather the evidence. This is not the case in France. Instead, the investigation is headed by an examining magistrate. They are independent of the government and prosecution. Their job is to discover the truth, and they do this with the police. Trials are done through footwork – and this information is not under public scrutiny. The magistrate interviews witnesses and other intimate work that those of the US and UK system are not privy to. The final report of all the evidence is supposed to be unbiased and contain all information for the prosecution and the defense. While the investigation take time (the average length for a case is two years) the trails themselves are short. This is just one example of the vast differences between the French system and the US/UK one. The magistrates and others have more power and responsibilities than their US/UK counterparts.

Therefore, due to the unusual setup of the French courts, the US or UK system would not work. They must be able to think about the laws differently. Memorization of the law only goes as far. In the search for the truth there is only so much pure logic to be had. That is why discretion is so important. They have an incredible amount of work to do. On the other hand, this ensures that a lot of things so not have to go court. In the French system the truth must also have a universal application – the truth must have the ability to be applied to numerous situations. Law is less a straight rule book and more a system of guidelines that “become a model for social organization” (Terrill 149). While the education system may be different, this does not make it wrong or a poor way of providing justice.

Written by Moria Crowley

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Great Britain

Hello, my name is Moria Crowley. I will be guest writing on France and Great Britain for the next few weeks. Both countries are famous for their food, politics, entertainment, and historical impact. My articles will be a general overview of Great Britain and France with a follow-up focus on the criminal justice systems in each country. I will start with Great Britain.

What is Great Britain to you? Kings? Empires? War? This country is much more than that. With a complex and fascinating development, Britain is a great place to explore. I will be in Great Britain for two weeks. I will spend time in England and Scotland, visiting important sites and getting a glimpse of the vibrant modern culture.


Map of theU.K.

Historical Britain

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland has a long and complex history. The official name of the three county union that makes up England, Scotland, and Wales is Great Britain. The union of Wales and England created a sovereign state. The creation of Great Britain was caused by the uniting of Scotland to that state in 1706. Upon the creation of the Free Irish State in 1922 the official name changed to the one used today (the UK) upon the inclusion of Northern Ireland.

The UK has a storied history. Like most cultures the Bronze Age (which began around 4500 BCE) was that start of organized family groups and agriculture. This also launched communal burial, the development of ceremonial weapons, and decorative pottery. Some of the most famous ancient historic artifacts can be found in Great Britain; the building of stone ‘henges’ (3300-1200), industrial scale copper mines were dug (1800), and Celtic culture started to emerge (1200-800).The Iron Age swiftly followed. 330 BCE marked the first widely accepted circumnavigation of Great Britain by Pytheas of Massilia. From 200 BCE onwards was the creation of the famous metal work most people think of when they imagine historic Britain.


The Great Torc from Snettisham, housed in the British Museum

100 BCE had the very important development of coinage. The Romans had a huge impact on the international development of the lower section of Great Britain. This began with the famed Julius Caesar raiding in late summer of 55 CE and ended with the summer conquest in 71. From then on Britain was under Roman rule. This lasted until the summer of 440 CE when Roman troops were withdrawn to defend Italy. By 409 Britain was no longer under Roman control. Then the Vikings came. During this time Christian missionary work also became extremely popular. The most famous is Patrick, who did his work in Ireland. This also marks the numerous invasions by the Anglos and Saxons.

Skipping ahead to Norman Britain: the kingdoms and the Battle of Hastings. The most important document of this time is not paper, but a tapestry! It is called the Bayeux Tapestry and was completed in 1077.

The most famous time period (besides the World Wars) are the Middle Ages. This period has very memorable persons, real and fictional. These include Robin Hood, Prince John and William Wallance. Some other things of note are The Hundred Years War, the Black Death and Canterbury Tales. This is followed by the Tudors and the rise of the Empire.

Modern Britain

Great Britain has gone through an intense period of government reform. There are a few important documents: the Magna Carta, the Bill of Rights, the Acts of Settlement, and the Human Rights Act. Together these create the national laws  the country needs. There is no official constitution. The government has a few notable parts. The Monarch is far and away the most well known. The current one is Queen Elizabeth II. While her title is “Queen of the sixteen realms within the Commonwealth of Nations, the Head of the Commonwealth, the Supreme Governor of the Church of England Defender of the Faith” she has very little power and what she does have is mostly ceremonial. The true political leader is the Prime Minister (PM). He is voted into power by the House of Lords and is a member of the majority party of that House. Below the House of Lords (but with considerable more power) is the House of Commons. These two Houses create Parliament. The PM is supported by the Cabinet, a collection of Members of Parliament (MPs) from the Houses of Lords and Commons.

Famous places to visit in the UK

One of the most famous historic sites is Stonehenge. Situated just off A303, it is a popular place to visit at an easy to reach location.

Stonehenge from the air

The Globe Theratre

Home of the continued preservation of William “The Bard” Shakespeare’s plays. Built quite closely to the original plans, the Globe Threatre is a national and historical landmark.


More to come…

During my trip I will document the places I go and the things I see. I hope you enjoy following along.

unnamed-3Moria Crowley / Journalist (Guest Writer)

An American who goes to the University of North Texas in Denton. That is where she is studying Criminal Justice and Journalism and holds a certification from Université catholique de Louvain.She has traveled to Italy, France, the UK, Mexico and Canada. Her interests include writing, photography, and playing the violin. In addition to writing for RedDeer International she posts to National Geographic’s YourShot community.

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Over 27 nations! We are expanding rapidly and steadily!

Let us begin with some fun:

Once upon a time, God was actually conquering the world.


Once upon a time, the Roman Empire was about to conquer the world,


Once upon a time, the Mongolians were about to conquer the world,


Once upon a time, The U.K. was about to conquer the world,


Once upon a time, the Japanese army was about to conquer Asia,


Once upon a time, the United State (Benjamin) was about to conquer the world,


Once upon a time, the German army was about to conquer Europe,


but all of them failed to do so except for God.


Because they were not fully supported by everyone on earth.

What about RedDeer International ?


We initiated RedDeer International in the hope of providing information and contents about the world 2 weeks ago.

We have experienced all kinds of difficulties:

Why do people not look at our posts?

Why has this article been viewed less than the others?

Why do people not like our Facebook Page?

Why? Why? Why?

We did not know, but we overcame.

We came long way

and now here we are

standing in 30 nations.

Thank you for supporting and reading our articles

More than 60,000 people have already looked at our posts





























THE Unites States

We will keep on posting information!

The reason why I put the map of Arabic nations is that they have conntributed the most in the last week for our posts.

Thank you for your participation!

Stay tuned!!

PS. We are not thinking about conquering the world.

We are just a bunch of people loving writing articles about the world.

That’s it.

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Hello everyone, my name is Nobuko Takahashi. I have stayed in China before I turned to 8. I think I am a Chinese, but I spend almost my life in Japan. I prefer to spending my vacation in China, because the atmosphere let me feel I am a human. Nowadays, China became an Economic power. China has long history and recently developed its economy very much. I will introduce about this “high speed” developing country, China.


              Let’s start with the fundamental information of China.
Population: 1370536875 (2010, China has the world’s largest population. China is a multiracial nation, the country consists of 92% Han race and 55 minority race. The minority race often lives near the high mountain and the plateau area. For instance,

“Tibet”, this race locates in west China, and the Tibet plateau is the main area. Tibetan has their own official language “Tibetan”. Tibetan believes in the Dalai Lama, and in 1950 Chinese government captured Lhasa. Some Tibetan tried to fight with the Chinese government, and this conflict is still going on now.


“People’s Republic of China” is the official name of China.

China is the Communism country, the Chinese Communist Party. Recent China starts with “Mao Zhedong”. Mao Zhedong made the basic way of Chinese Communism. The policy was that “Free economic system, but still continue China’s dictatorial single-party political system run by Communist party of China”. In 1989, many young people gathered in “Tainanmen” to against this sigle-party political system and other unfair occurrences. The single-party political system is still working in China.


The corruption in Chinese government was always a serious problem. However, the new president Xi Jinping attached a great deal of importance to solve this problem. Recently, the corruptions reduced in China. This is also one of the reasons of “high speed” development of China.

The natural scenery in China: China has a lot of the awesome place to visit. I will introduce some of the best places.

  1. The paradise of human “Jiuzhaigou”(九寨溝)

Jiuzhaigou locates in Sichuan province, a part of the Min Mountains on the edge of the Tibetan Plateau and stretches over 72,000 hectares. Jiuzhaigou Valley was inscribed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 1992 and a World Biosphere Reserve in 1997.

The clear water in the river and the primeval forest can give you a fresh feeling and relax time. There are some problems also exist in the Chinese natural scenery. Chinese will not protect their important nature, and the pollution is developing because of the high speed economy development. Hope Chinese can realize the importance.




  1. Changbai Mountain (長白山)

Changbai Mountain locates in Kitsurin province. This is a stratovolcano, and the last explosion was in 1903. On the top of the mountain, there is a beautiful lake. (天池) The average of depth is 213m, and 12-14 km long. The Changbai mountain carrot is a famous product. On the top of mountain, there is always cover with snow. The natural view in there is amazing. Kitsurin province is also my home town.



At last, China is an amazing and interesting country. China has about 3000 year history, and the changing of every era concludes many occurrences. The high speed development in China will influence this world. The disparity of wealth is still a serious problem in China. If you have interesting in China, let’s talk about it. I am looking forward to seeing the step up of China.


Facts about me.

・born in China 0825 1992, raised in Japan.

・a trilingual speaker in Chinese, Japanese, English.

・studied in Washington State University (Communication, psychology)

・really like to travel around the world

・good at many sports (run very fast)

・hope have a happy life



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            Hey everyone! My name is Hrvoje Kurtović and I am Croatian. Some one of you may have never heard about my country and it´s probably hard for you to imagine where it is located. But that´s the reason why I want to represent my country on reddeerinternational.

Location & Geography

             Croatia?! What does it sound like?: Russian, something in South America or even an island? That are all good suggestions but they are totally wrong. Croatia is located in South Eastern Europe on the Balcanian peninsula next to Serbia, Bosnia-Hercegovina, Hungary, Slovenia, Montenegro, Macedonia and on the other side of the sea to Italy. As you can see, Croatia has a lot of neighbours because of its long history. I mentioned the sea which is called the “Adriatic sea” (in Croatian: Jadransko more). It is a part of the Middle sea in the Southern part of Europe. We are a very small country even in Europe. Some people say our country looks like a bird beacuse of its outline. Our size is nearly the one of West Virginia that is still a small state in the U.S. That leads that our population is only about 4.4 million. Even though we are pretty small, we have a variety of landscapes. Our coast was awarded as the most beautiful in Europe with its over 1000 islands. You have to imagine 1000 islands in such a small country!!! Next to the coast are unpopulated hills and mountains so that there is an unbelievable landscape. The north and the east around the capitol Zagreb, which is also called Agram, are full with rivers and flat landscapes. If you visit Croatia one time in your life, you are going to see this awesome landscapes and the clear sea that you can´t find in another place on Earth. Besides Zagreb, where 25 % of all Croatians live, Split, Rijeka and Osijek are the biggest cities. These cities are not so big so that there is only one McDonald’s in each city.

   Geography of Croatia                                      baska-voda


           Croatia is the 3rd eldest Republic in Europe…even older than Germany or France. This leads to a long history that I won´t tell in detail since this should make Croatia palatabile for you . First of all, Croatia was a part of many other states or republics. The most important one was the Socialistic Federative Republic of Yugoslavia where the “Tito Communism” was governing. Tito was the Yugoslavian marshall who died in 1980. After that, Croatia was trying to enforce sovereignity. That finally had happened in 1991 but a war against Serbia followed after this declaration. After that war, the whole Yugoslavian concept of brotherhood and unity was falling apart and Croatia got all the neighbours I  already mentioned (except Hungary). Now, 20 years after the end of the war we are a peaceful, democratic country which is part of the NATO and the European Union for 1 year now. The politics isn´t working like in other EU countries so that there is still a lot of corruption in comperation to other Western states. That leads that we still have our own currency which is called

“Kuna” (engl. marten; 1 HRK=100 lipa= 0,13 €). Our anthem is written in a small way on the money.                               sabor                                                                                                          

kuna - currency of croatia


               We are sports-mad, really really sports-mad. Everybody is doing some kind of sports. The most popular are soccer, handball and water polo. I am playing water polo also because Croatia was the world-champion and won the Olympic gold medal in the last 5 years. The biggest soccer achievement was the 3rd place at the world cup 1998 in France. Through this tournament, we gained a lot attention from the world also because we were  a sovereign country just for 6 years. We love our country and we show this at sport events. Maybe we show our love too much with the help of pyrotechnique so that we have to pay a lot of fines for our misbehaviour. But it´s not misbehaviour for us, it´s our way to show our emotions and that´s the point where I want to introduce our

Croatian fans


               Each European country has its own philosophy and type of character. We Croatians are a loud, emotional and direct folk. If you watch the World-Cup opening game where we are going to play against Brasil you will hear our fans and see the temperament in our soccer game. You will also hear our anthem there, which has the title “Lijepa naša domovino” (Our beautiful homeland). I post the first verse so that you can get an imagination how does it sound like 

 Our beautiful homeland,

O so fearless and gracious.

Our fathers’ ancient glory,

May you be blessed forever.

Maybe that´s another paragraph but for me it´s still a part of temperament: Religion. It follows us our whole life. 90 % of all people who are living in Croatia, and these are not only Croatians are roman-catholic. That´s a high percentage. That´s the point why I see religion also as a part of our lifestyle. Even though we´re not living the way our priest tells us, we have other way of religion and we live it. In the poor regions, especially in the south, are even a higher percentage of religios people than in the cities. Little villages come together in the church and people meet there to talk about the last week. But as I mentioned, that´s only in the less populated parts of Croatia. The others are living largely a typical European life.

Other people´s reaction about my origin

When I came for my study abroad term to the United States, I wasn´t sure if someone knew where or even what Croatia is. After I had arrived, my suggestions became true: Nobody who came outside from Europe had heard something about my country. So I explained them my country in the same way I am doing it right now in this blog. The people were amused to hear about such a (for them) “exotic” country so that I could make a lot of friends only because they wanted to learn something about Croatians and their lifestyle. In Germany, where I am living, people react normal to Croatians since Germany is one of the top list countries which have a high number of immigrants. So, we Croatians and other foreigners are part of the present multiculutral lifestyle in Germany. 


Facts about me

# born in 1994 (20 years)

# met Fuyima at the University of South Florida in my abroad term

# studies General Management-International Business at European Business School, Germany

# born in Germany, raised up in Croatia and is now back in Germany for college

# plays water polo for 7 years, now in the 3rd German division

# loves all kinds of water sports

# listens to hip-hop & rap & turbo-folk

# speaks Croatian, English, German & Russian

# holds a diploma in Latin & Old Greek

# hits the gym hard & addicted to sports


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United States

My name is Trey Cano, I will be writing about life and issues in the United States.

Here is a brief overview of the United States:

The United States has a population of about 330 million people, it is one of the least ethnically homogenous nations in the world, meaning that the population of the United States has a large ethnic variety. The United States was founded upon immigration. The land of America was discovered in 1492 by Christopher Columbus, by the year 1607, England had established its first permanent colony – Jamestown, Virginia. Since then, immigrants from Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Latin America, Australia and Africa have all moved to America and now call it their home. Depending on where you go in America, you will see people of various ethnicities. Being “American” doesn’t have anything to do with the color of one’s skin, anyone can be American. The language most spoken in America is English, but there is actually no “official language” the American government recognizes. The only true “Americans” are the indigenous tribes that inhabited this land before us, in states such as New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, and Oklahoma, indigenous culture is still very prevalent. Some refer to America as the “cultural melting pot.”

The United States is a democratic government, the real name for our government is a Federal Presidential Constitutional Republic. We have a president, named Barack Obama. In America, every citizen is allowed to vote once you’re over the age of 18 and haven’t committed a felony. We have three branches of government. The Executive branch- which is the President, and other parts of the Office of the President. The Legislative branch- which is the congress, the House and the Senate. And the Judicial branch- which includes the criminal justice system, and the American court system.

Here are other interesting factoids about the United States. You can legally obtain a drivers license at age 16. At age 18, you can buy tobacco products, lottery tickets, gamble, and enlist in the military. The drinking age in America is 21. We drive on the right-hand side of the road. American uses the customary system of measurement, instead of using kilometers and kilograms, we use miles and pounds. America is one of only three countries in the world to use the customary system of measurements. America is very big, it is about 2000 miles in width (about 3200 kilo).


974436_4714100627287_1849314610_nTrey Cano / Contributor 

a student at the University of Texas at Austin in Austin, TX. He is double majoring in International Relations and Japanese Language, with a double minor is Asian Studies and History. He has studied at several different universities, and is passionate about cultures, language, economics, geography, and social issues. He enjoys sports, music, and learning languages. His motto is “You must be the change you wish to see in the world” – Mahatma Gandhi


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Have you ever thought of going to Japan before, but you held back your desire since it would cost a lot of money? Then you are missing the boat. Yes it is a lot of money you have to spend just to touch down there, but all the experience you would likely to have in Japan is not exchangeable to money you will spend on all the things you will buy , in other words, you should go to Japan and have fun over there!

As people might already know, Japan  is the one of most densely populated country of more than 120 million in the world ,and it is stretching from South to North that makes Japan have complete 4 seasons.  Only 20 % of its island, composed of 6,852 little tiny islands including 4 main islands called Hokkaido, Honshyu, Shikoku and Kyusyu, is suitable for people to live their lives. Not to mention the fact that it is the reason why we are so packed at the same place. You might have seen a lot of picture of stores and fast-food place such as McDonald located in cities, Japan: they have a little tiny space for a person and eat foods like pigs eating their food in pig houses. Of course in the morning, people take trains and buses and all the kind of mass transition to commute to their destinations. I personally experienced of being there for entire my life. It is just usual and nothing special to me, but when I took them for the first time, I have to admit that it was quite nightmare to some extent. People were trying to make it to their place so that they were squeezing their body trying not to miss a train that would get them there on time. Speaking of mass transit, Japan has one of most sophisticated system around the world. Everything there is on time. This is not fantasy you see in the movie nor a delusion you see in your dream, but it really is true. You might find it quite amazing when you happen to be there.




When it comes to Politic in Japan , there are a lot of ridiculous but literally serious issues going on in Japan that is depends of how you see it.  For instance, we are experiencing rising tensions with surrounding countries China and South Korean. Back in 1910, Japan invaded Korea and incorporated them into Japanese territory, and it lasted quite long until Japan was defeated by the United State in the World War 2. The rumor has it that Japanese troops killed ten of thousand people there during conquering. It is obvious that some Korean people still dislike  and tries to resist against Japan in all respects. Talking about China, it is also true that we invaded in 1930s in the hope of expanding the nation with imperial ideal they had. Japan invaded and established new province that was called “Manshyu” which is till a bone of contention since Japan and China both side are not sure enough that Japanese army killed so many people over there which people might call ” Mansyu Massacre”, but be that as it may, it is true that Japan dispatched its imperial army to China that still lead people to disliking Japan. However, Japan apologized more than ten times and giving donations to them to assist them in order to enrich their economy and now China has been already 2nd largest economy around Japan after the United State and the world factory just like England was back in old days. I hope we will have the time soon when both sides agree upon maintaining peace around Asia and nations in it and try to be more friendly and peaceful to each others.

h1Believe or not China and South Korea are not the only nation that Japan has trouble with. Russia is also one of three countries that Japan has been dealing with claiming that Russia took over one of Japanese islands that are so called “Hoppo Territories. As you can see the picture above, This islands have been occupied by Russia right after Japan surrendered in August in 1945 ,and since then these beautiful islands have not been given back which still leaves a huge headache of all time to Japanese governors. Around 7 to 10 years ago, Japan had a prim minister whose name is ” Soichiro Koizumi” who had better relationship with Russia than ever before in history, but at the end of the day, Japan was not be able to be convince enough to get them back.However Except for that, Japan has quite solid mutual understanding with them on the problems such as natural resources especially Petroleum. Japan and Rudssia agreed to develop the area in steps to pump it up from underground using technologies Japan has.

In addition to all the nations I brought up, the United States is the country that Japan can not ignore for all the time. We had been  battling against each others back in 1940s since Japanese imperial air force dropped bombs on Pearl Harbor on December 7th in 1941 which has been called ” surprise attack from Japan”. Be that as it may, after the war, We have been making all out effort to establish friendly relationship. Japan still has 135 American military bases. Okinawa and Hokkaido are the prefectures where have the great number of them all across the country. For instance , Okinawa has 37 American military bases and Hokkaido has 18 bases. Even tough I have been telling that Japan and the United States are good friends, notwithstanding, We still a lot of issues too. Most important and perpetual issues we have with the United State is American Military bases. Like I mentioned there are a plenty of american military bases in Japan, and for the most of people and the national  government, it is alright and good to have them just in case of emergency, but for those who live in the areas where the bases are located, this stuffs are very sensitive and even nightmare in that there have been a lot of troops staying in the bases committed crimes such as raping and murder against Japanese people. On top of that is that people are afraid of their military aircraft like “what if they mistakenly control their air craft and fall on the civic place such as houses, buildings and etc and kill innocent people?”. Japanese and U.S. government have been discussing these issues for many years, but It seems that it will still take a long time to put an end to it.

If you want to know more about Foreign affairs relating to Japan, please click this website here: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan .



We have some unique attributes to our culture– such as temples and shrines which have been in Japan for many years. We have huge market for Anime and video games as well. Come to think about it , Japan is very weird country but also quite intriguing.

Have you seen pictures of Japanese castles before? I assume many of you already have. As you can see the picture above, this kind of architectures and castles are every where in Japan, even on the mountain and in forests and woods. Here is the picture of one of my favorite castle in Japan which is usually called ” Castle in The sky”. This castle was built on the summit of a hill surrounded by taller mountains. unkaiWhen you go there in the morning, because of its temperature ,it generates fogs and it just looks wonderful and seems like the castle is floating above clouds in the sky!

Speaking of Japanese Castles, do you know what kinds of people lived in these beautiful places? Yeah you guessed it, they were Samurai and those important people who was called “Daimyo” who Samurais were always faithful to. samurai-1-for-online

When you hear the word of Japan, you will likely to hear the word of Samurai as well.

As for Food, we have Sushi, Japanese Noodles and etc. Sushi has been gaining its popularity in the World. Everywhere you go, you can find Sushi places without doubt. We eat row fish by cutting and slicing them and we call it “SASHIMI”.It simply tastes out of this world. Except for Sushi and Sahimi, We also have food which is called “Tempura” which is  simply referring to fried vegetables and meats. In the western part of Japan, especially the city called OSAKA is the place you can go and eat them at low price but yet delicious.

We also have amazing technologies everywhere. One of amazing technology we have could t be “Bullet train”. As its name, these trains run like bullets. On top of that, the train arrives  at and departures  from stations on time. This is inconceivable and the trains arrive at station every 20 minutes more or less. The cherry on top is that the train network covers almost all across Japan which means you can go everywhere just by taking the trains. Dont even have to think about all the traffic jams and gas milage you would think about when driving cars.expensive_city_2011_903082

There have to be more interesting culture in  Japan, but I would like to move on the final stuffs about Japan, which is Landscape.

 Land Scape

One of things that Japanese people are proud of is its landscape. Japan is unique and beautiful country to visit. Japan has landscape which is mixture of western and traditional architectures, and places of all four seasons and have woods, forests, river , mountains and beautiful oceans which you can not take your eyes off of.

Sky scraper in Tokyo

Skyscrapers_of_Shinjuku_2009_January_(revised)Tokyo is the world biggest city in the World and its population is more than 30 millions .

Traditional house


Japan does not have many of these house since the Western culture has been influencing us in all respects in our lives after the World War 1 and 2nd.

I hope you got to know a little bit about Japan,  and rekindle your desire of going and visiting Japan.

  1463057_10201248231038463_1022806959_nFumiya Akashika 
  A Japanese and goes to Kansai Gaidai University in Osaka. He has studied in the US and is passionate about communicating with people from around the world. His main field of study is English, but he also studies world affairs, politics, and entertainment. He enjoys writing and facilitating the exchange of accurate and current knowledge regarding the world around him. He also enjoys playing piano and football; in addition, he has his own website, podcast and YouTube channel dealing with global topics. His motto is “the key to the world is in your hands, time to explore.”

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I would like to celebrate this occasion as I have finally launched the website RedDeer International, which is the platform that provides everything voiced by today’s youth. I hope that this website will help people learn about the world and differences in cultures, values and interests between people from different places.

Nowadays, thanks to technological development, the world is shrinking at digital speed more than ever, and Generation Y happens to be the witnesses of these dramatic changes. Today’s global youth are more familiar with world news through social media that previous generation did not have. We are tightly connected to one another all across the world. However, the point is that even with all the technological advancements and social media, people are still ignorant or unfamiliar with all the differences in cultures, values and interests from one another, which usually leads people to causing conflict. It is better said that because of all the techonlogy, we are losing opportunities to get to know about others deeper as a result of superficial knowledge of the world and cultures that is accessible for anyone to obtain on the Internet.

For this reason, I decided to launch RedDeer International as a place where today’s youth from all over the world gather and spread their values, cultures, interests and thoughts to the world as purely as possible to let people living in this world know what is going. We seek to uncover how the young generation perceives the world. The main point is that the most of contents will be created by today’s youth who have been engaging in and experiencing different cultures and events, giving us a genuine and sincere platform to work with.

I believe that knowing what the young generation thinks and perceives the world to be will help any kind of generation to grasp the shape of the world and society in the coming age.

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He is Japanese and goes to Kansai Gaidai University in Osaka. He has studied in the US and is passionate about communicating with people from around the world. His main field of study is English, but he also studies world affairs, politics, and entertainment. He enjoys writing and facilitating the exchange of accurate and current knowledge regarding the world around him. He also enjoys playing piano and football; in addition, he has his own website, podcast and YouTube channel dealing with global topics. His motto is “the key to the world is in your hands, time to explore.

#reddeerinternational #international #multicultural #globalsociety #culture #economy #politics #history #travel #career #entertainment #education #blog #religion #lifestyle #america #latinamerica #europe #africa #asia #pacific #middleeast