Me, My Soul and the Doughnut

I was living as a monk in a Vaishnava monastery, a Hindu spiritual retreat, to be more in touch with my soul and to discover where my life is heading. I followed a rigid schedule; up at 5:00 AM, chanting and meditating for four hours, serving food, listening to lecturers and studying, I devoted all my energy towards studying Vedic texts and ancient poetry, filling my mind and consciousness with the knowledge of gurus past, slowly distancing from my association with my ego and being more in touch with the transcendental. A strict diet was enforced—vegan meals offered to the Lord—to purify our karma. I gained a great deal of knowledge from the daily studies and lectures; being in the proximity of such elevated souls encouraged me to stay focused on reaching true reality.

On my daily routine of offering, chanting, meditating and studying, I would go to the Dunk’N Donuts across the street and order an angel cream doughnut to eat—it was my way of feeling the familiarity of my material life, appeasing my homesickness.

One day, a yogi at the monastery said to me, “Do you know that everyday at 4:00 you get a doughnut from Dunk’N Donuts?”
“Yes, I do,” I admitted.

“Try telling yourself ‘what would happen if I don’t eat the doughnut?’” suggested the yogi.

Intrigued, I asked myself that same question and a voiced screamed, “YOU WILL DIE! YOU WILL DIE IF YOU DON’T EAT THAT DOUGHNUT!”
The yogi explained to me that that was the voice of my carnal ego—the voice of my false self, the temporal identity of the physical body that wants instant gratification.

Each of us is comprised of a false ego—a mislead identification with the mind and body, and a true soul—the infinite entity that is a part of the universal consciousness. Our purpose as earthly beings is to detach from our identification with the false ego and regain consciousness of the eternal being, returning to the blissful state of the supersoul. Falling prey and listening to the voice of the carnal ego that wants that doughnut, sex or money is the mistake we all make.
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There are times in our lives when we are faced with extremely tough decisions: whether to stay in a relationship, what career to choose, how to deal with conflict. The person that wins isn’t the one who makes the most money, gets the perfect spouse or wins the argument; who knows what karmic waves those actions have pushed and what disastrous future could be coming? The person that wins is the one who can filter out the voice of the false ego from the voice of the supersoul, the voice that is more powerful than 10,000 suns.

For whatever decision you have to make in your life, discover how to filter out the clutter and reach your inner voice; you will never go wrong.

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Following Your Dreams is Like Following the Video Game Fairy

Have you ever played a video game that has a little fairy that guides you around, showing you the next level and offering clues on how to beat the boss? Your dreams and life purpose are like that video game fairy; they appear at the corners of your consciousness, whispering faint words of advice and lighting the way to your destiny.

Always be aware of the fairy in your life; you can call it whatever: your inner voice, your intuition, your purpose; every person has the opportunity to walk the yellow brick road to success, reaching their highest potential.
Anything worth having isn’t going to be easy. The yellow brick road to success isn’t exactly straight—it’s an expressway full of mountains and potholes, struggles waiting at every corner and people to pick up along the way. You might not know now exactly where you need to be but you need to at least start somewhere and start putting action into your life. You don’t need to be great to start but you need to start to be great.
#specialtrick I am about to reveal a special trick that can help you find what your true calling is and what you should be focusing your energy on. Think of the thing in the world that you would love to do but don’t think you can really make a living out of, something that doesn’t seem financially promising, something you would do on the side with a stable day job. That thing, whether it’s music, comedy, gardening, home décor, or cooking, is most likely your true calling. The world may make it difficult for you to do what you love, but hey—anything worth having isn’t going to be easy.

Clear your head and go after that passion: be fearless, work hard, be honest.

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Top 8 Tips for Living in the Now

The present is the most precious thing there is in the universe. Don’t let the world tell you that success is anything but a successful moment.

1. Take responsibility
If you find yourself in an intolerable situation, remove yourself from it, change it or accept it. If you want to take responsibility for your life, you must choose 1 of those 3 options. Focus on your immediate surroundings; use your senses; look at what is in front of you right now. Be content in the present moment, circumstances and environment.

2. Always say yes to the present moment.
Accept the present moment, then act. Whatever the universe presents to you in the moment, accept it as if you had chosen it; always work with it and not against it.

3. Live, learn, adapt, and grow
Life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness. Realizing this, use it to undergo unpleasant or unexpected moments by experiencing its totality and growing. Hard times are meant to refine your consciousness, propelling it forward and shaping it to reach its highest potential.

4. Lighten Up
Don’t take life too seriously! Just lighten up. More often than not, your worries and anxieties stem from an unstable and an unbalanced mind–caused internally as opposed to externally. Careers, relationships, money, school: all these trivial things are values that society forces onto your consciousness. The most important thing in life is happiness; so, learn to let go and experience happiness. Happiness is not something you create; it is something you let into your life. Think of light: it is not something you create but something you open your window to, allowing the sun to illuminate your home.

5. Realize That Love is Not Outside of You
Love is a state of being; it is not outside, but rather, deep within you. You can never lose it. Life gets messy, sometimes covering and burying your innate ability to activate the state of love. Make a habit of regularly cleansing your internal being, which purifies karma that accumulates in your consciousness. Just as you clean a room regularly as dust clutters, you must clear the clutter in your consciousness.

6. Strip Negativity Immediately
The more you dwell on the negative, the more obsessed you become with it. Negativity can start as something minuscule and insignificant; but if left unattended, it can manifest into something debilitating and oppressive: guilt, anxiety, anger and depression. Regularly identify and recognize negative thoughts and entities in your consciousness before they manifest in your mind and actions.

7. Complain Less
When you complain, you make yourself a victim; to complain is non-acceptance of what is. It is the nature of the mind to complain, but not the nature of the soul. Learn how to dissociate the mind from the being, separating the permanent entity that accepts all circumstances from the reactive mind that is deluded by the senses.

8. See Things as for the First Time
This one pretty similar to the first way. But it can be useful when you have a hard time just observing your surroundings.

That’s when you can look at things as for the first time. Imagine it like that, take that role. Like someone who has never experienced this before. Like a child or someone who has never been here before. I like this one and I have been doing it from time to time for years (although back then I didn’t really understand why it felts nice when I did it).


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The dream that you are holding in your mind is possible

I do not know what the dream is that you have, I do not care how disappointing it might have been as you’ve been working toward that dream, but the dream that you are holding in your mind, that is Possible.

Some of you already know that is hard. It’s not easy.

It’s hard changing your life.


And in the process of working on your dream, you are going to incur

a lot of disappointment ,

a lot of failure,

a lot of pain

and there are moments when you are going to doubt yourself


 “Why, God, Why does this have to happen to me?

images-2“I am just trying to take care of my children and my mother and I am not trying to steal or rob from anybody”

How did this have to happen to me?

But those of you that have been experiencing those hardships,

Don’t give up on your dream.

The rough times have come, but they have not come to stay, they have come to pass.

Greatness is not this wonderful, esoteric, illusive God like feature that only the special among us will ever take, but something that truly exists in all of us.


“It’s very important for you to believe that

 you are the one”

Most people raise their family, they earn their livings , and then they die.

They stop growing, they stop working on themselves, they stop stretching, they stop pushing themselves,

 There are a lot of people like to complain but they do not want to do anything about their situation.


Most of people do not work on their dreams.


1 is because of fear, the fear of failure


what if things do not work out


Fear of success

What if they do , I can not handle it

These are not risk takers.

You spent so much time with another people

You spent so much time trying to get people like you

You know other people more than you know yourself

You study them

you know about them

You wanna hang out like them

you wanna be just like them,

and you know what ?

You have been investing so much time with them , but you do not know who you are.

I challenge you to spend time by yourself.

It’s necessary that you get the losers out of your life if you want to live your dream.

 For people who are running toward their dream, life has special kind of meaning.


When you become the right person, what you do is just separating yourself from other people

you begin to have a certain uniqueness

As long as you are following another people

As long as you are being a copy cat

You will never ever be the best copy cat in the world

but you will be the best you could be

I challenge you to define your value

Everybody won’t see it, everybody won’t join you , everybody won’t have a vision

It’s necessary to know that, that you are uncommon breed.

It’s necessary to know that you are relying on yourself with people that are attracting people into your business, who are hungry, people who are unstoppable, unreasonable, people who are rebuilding to leave life just as it is, and who want more.

People that are living their dream are appealing to winners, they have attached themselves to

People that are living their dreams that know that if its going to happen, it is up to them.

If you wanna be more successful, if you wanna have and do things you have never done or had before

No.2 , I am asking you to invest in you 

Someone’s opinion of you does not have to become your reality 

You do not have to go through life being a victim

Even though you face disappointment, you have to know within yourself that

“I can do this, even if no one is going to see it for me, I may see it for myself.”

This is what I believe, and I am willing to die for it, Period

No matter how bad it is, or how bad it gets,

I’m going to make it.

I wanna represent an idea, I wanna represent possibilities.

Some of you right now, you wanna be, you know what I am saying, you wanna go to the next level.

I wanna council, you know, I wanna be an engineer, I wanna be a doctor,

Listen to me

You can not get to the level economically where you wanna be until you start investing in your mind

you might be reading books

I am challenging you to go to college

I dare you to invest timeimages-2

I dare you to be alone

I dare yo to spend hours to get to know yourself

When you become who you are

When you become the person you are created to be, designed to be who you are designed to be 

When you become an individual,  what you do is to take yourself  and you start separating yourself from other people .

“I am trying to get you to go a place where people don’t like you or don’t even bother you anymore. Why? Cause you are not worried about making others happy,

Because you challenge more, you challenge to get to the next level.

I challenge you to invest in your mind .

And if you still talk about your dream

If you still talk about your goal

but you have not done anything

“JUST TAKE THE FIRST STEP”first-step-199x300

You can make your parents proud

You can make your school proud

You can touch millions of people’s live 

and the world will never be the SAME again.

Because you came this way

Don’t let ANYBODY steal your dream

We face the rejection of “NO


We have a meeting and no one shows up


someone says

You can count on me

and they don’t come through, Why do we have kind of that attitude? Because we possess.

No body believes in you

You’ve lost again and again and again  

the Light is cut off

but you are still looking at your dream reviewing you every day saving your step

It’s Not Over until I WIN



Watch this Video 

Image 11-22-14 at 2.15 AM

Image 8-3-14 at 5.16 PM

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What is life to you? What is it? Have you given seconds to yourself to think about it? If you have not done it yet, it is time for you to do it now. If you are struggling with finding out what it is to you now, alright, keep doing it.

Some believe that life is tough and not easy, but when they get over those tough things, they can get satisfied and grown up, and that is life.  It is true if you are loving what you are currently doing now. If you are wasting your time by doing routine work because you have to, then I would say that you are dead in this world.

What is life to you? 

Is it working all day long for something you are not appreciating? Please ask yourself what exactly you want to do. Does what you are doing now lead up to your ideal life and dream in your head?

What is life to you? 

Is it studying something you would not use later in your life, but you are studying anyway to get a job? This is right in a sense. Nowadays it is really hard to get a job without a college degree. It is like people are saying, “without a college degree, they won’t hire you”. Does it scare you?

However, at the same time, it is even getting harder to land a job even if you have a college diploma now.

College is not important, but what you have been doing and how intense it was/is and how much you put your efforts into whatever you like is the important point. It is not even only related to colleges but also everything you do.

I know a guy who dropped out of college, but since he was doing something he was interested in, now he has a job he loves doing.

What is life to you? What are you designed for? What do you want to be?

If the goal of your life is to get whatever job after college, then go for it and get better scores on every test you take.

Those who feel that they cannot to anything better than others, it is time for you to find your thing.

How many old people tell you to do what you want to do, what you really can enjoy? A lot!

Here are tips from the top I have heard

Those who are still in school, I would like to tell you

Find one thing, and start investing your time and energy into it in all respects

Those who are working but not really appreciating it

Saving money until you get enough, and move on and start building new life, investing everything you have

Those who are satisfying with status quo

You are literally living in your dream and life, and you have to start to tell people how you achieved it to people 

What is your goal in your life?  Have you ever wanted to be successful? 

I bet every one wants to be successful or have an ideal life. Why don’t you go for it from now on?!

Yes, now is the time!! It could not be any better time for you to start it!

People are struggling with discovering one thing they are good at and passionate about, but the truth is that they know what it is. It does not matter if it is really vague and ambiguous, but they do know deep down. Do try focusing on one thing you want to do. Do not be deluded by many things you have done before in your life. Pick one! and start investing.

I do not know how you define successful, but there are two types of people on the earth who are successful.

  1. People who know what they like to do, and start investing their time into it, and eventually what they do becomes their life.
  2. People who can make all out efforts day and night on a thing they have to do.

What are you? Do you want to be 1 or 2?

All that I can tell after talking to diverse people is

1. Pick one thing

2. Invest everything you have into it

3. Make an all out effort on it 

I guarantee you that you will be living your ideal life later if you start doing these 3 points.

 Scared to take a step for whatever reason

Because of this, many choose the path leading up to nowhere in terms of making their lives more favorable to them.

Do you know why you got scared? Because you are not sure, and because you don’t have a clear plan to get to the point where you want to be. If you have a clear planefor it, I am telling you that all the clouds on the horizon in your mind will be cleared up.

Ok, here is what you have to do to live your life.

1. Pick one

2. Build clear and detailed plan as mush as you could with some backup plans( long run)

3. Start investing 

4. Make all out effort 

People will tell you there is no short cut in your life to live up your life,  but actually there is.

It’s as simple as ABC

And that is

Making a move toward your life and goal.

Alright now, get your heavy back up from a chair and start making moves.

Next, I will introduce some mindsets successful people have in common.

Here is a video for you

Image 11-22-14 at 2.15 AM

stay tuned

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Become the Gardener of Your Life

The sage is occupied only by the unspoken and by acts. Teaching without verbosity, producing without possessing, creating without regard to result, claiming nothing, the sage has nothing to lose.

How does one become a person, let alone a sage without, with nothing to lose?

Irony–we are more likely to achieve something if care less about it.

Everything is nothing with a twist.

Your life is like a flower: you cannot control the outcome of its fruition; but you as the gardener of your life can prepare the soil (mind, body, spirit) and provide proper conditions, allowing nature to take its course.

If you force a flower’s growth, you may destroy it. It must grow with its own design and intelligence, in its own self organized direction.

To have a productive life, simply be a good gardener.

Wu Wei is a spiritual blood; it spills from the heart like a razor. When you are in the state of Wu, you are the caretaker, destroyer, teacher and student.


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I have had the opportunity to work with some of the most innovative and sonically charged media companies such as CNN, Canal Mi Musica, 360 Media and more. Their digitally fashioned work culture and creativity driven environment compel me to work all hours of the day to deliver the highest quality material through the most hectic and chaotic schedules.

It was an honor to be selected by powerful CEO’s to contribute to their visions of entertainment and to bring their inspirations to life with my sense of creative direction and leadership. Television and events are not easy; it takes a great deal of energy and effort to bring an original vision to life. From getting funding, managing logistics, coordinating staff and directing minute details, the challenges can be quite overwhelming; however, persistence and the right mindset will weather the obstacles.

Many ask me what it takes to have a career in television, journalism and media. Although I have worked hard to accomplish my achievements, the truth is–success is a lot easier to have than we think it is. Don’t get me wrong, successful people put their blood, sweat and tears into their ventures, but its tangibility is within the grasp of many people. I am saying it once and for all–everyone AND I MEAN EVERYONE can achieve their dreams: you don’t have to settle for less, you can have the best.

My road to achieving my goals includes these 5 rules.

1. Do not share your dreams with people that do not want to support them
…and that includes even your parents. Success is not a result, it is not a destination; success is a road and most importantly–a mindset. The road to achieving your dreams is the prize. Many give up on their dreams of becoming great athletes, singers and businessmen because of doubters and scoffers in their lives, resulting in them settling for careers they don’t love doing. The truth is, your environment expects and wants you to be average; they want you to do something “normal”–such as nursing, IT or business administration because mediocrity is all they know. Although your parents probably want the best for you, most are not ready to raise their kids with the changes occurring in the 21st century. Most Chinese parents do not know how to encourage a child to become a talk show host. Most Nigerian parents are not prepared to raise a child with dreams of becoming a fashion designer.

Doubtful words such as,”That’s never going to happen for you, don’t believe in that dream,” poison your mind and stifle progress in many cases.

The first rule of success is to keep your dreams from people that do not want to support them and instead share them with people that believe in you.

2. Believe in yourself
We have heard it all before–it has almost become cliche at this point in time. Think, how can you have ambition and climb mountains if you don’t think you can do it? Triumph rarely comes to those that are ambivalent but rather comes to those that believe in the impossible.

Human beings can do WHATEVER they want. The Egyptians built the pyramids, the Incas built Machu Piichu, the Arabs discovered algebra: anything you visualize within your mind can be materialized.

You are your biggest obstacle. Can you believe in the impossible? Will you push forward through the doubt? Pick 3-5 things you are passionate about and go in that general direction with all your energy and eventually one of them will pay off–it is the law of average.

3. Have a relationship with the divine
This step may be hard for atheists, agnostics or materialists, but it can be important to achieving divine purpose. It is easier to get up everyday and work your butt off if you have some sort of relationship with God or whatever you call this ultimate being. A sense of faith and perspective of consciousness larger than yourself give you incentive to weather conflict and rainy days.

4. Get back up and keep going
Anything worth having is not going to be easy. Likewise, achieving goals presents obstacles that can be terrifying and discouraging. Entertainers experience grievous amounts of rejection; they experience doors upon doors being slammed on their faces during auditions. Businessmen traverse the corporate jungle with financial uncertainty and competition.

We all will experience hardship and struggle on the road to success. It is those that get up and keep going after falling off the mountain that eventually achieve something.

5. Charity
Staying at the top is harder than it is to get there. Many times, it is not about who has the most talent or who has the most “dough”, it is about who has the spirit and the will to keep going. When you reach the top, it is going to suck sometimes…..SUCK A LOT. You feel like you begin to hate what you loved doing.

It is those that have a sense of charity and a presence in their community that have the heart to go on. Whether it means connecting your business to some sort of charitable organization, promoting a cause you really believe in or taking time out of your week to service people, possessing a giving spirit makes your time at the top more fruitful.

There’s no point in working years to get to your goals if you get there and you have no heart and have no consciousness of what is going on in the world. A sense of charity and community is vital to a strong mind.


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