The Reason We Go To University.

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There are tens of thousands of students going to universities in the world in the hope of getting educated for the future. It is understandable that they go to university for this purpose. Unlike any other time in history, job markets are becoming much tougher and competitive than ever as time progresses. The chances are that you might not be able to get a well paying job even with a college degree. In other words, without a college degree, realistically speaking, you are considered uneducated, and will have less opportunities to obtain a job unless you were born with talent, making you stick out above the general public. Hence, going to college in modern times is one of the most important components in your life and must-do at the same time.

william-bout-264826However, the reason you go to college should not be just to become educated so that you can have an upper hand over others; rather, getting educated should be just one of reasons. There is another central reason why you should go to college: Spreading and building your network with others.

I spoke with a man that works at a college in Florida, USA as a member of the cleaning staff. He is 64 years old and graduated from college when he was 22 years old. I happened to have a chance to chat with him several times and in our conversations he asked me, “What are the reasons you go to university?” I answered, “to get educated so that I can have a decent job after graduation.” He nodded once and after quite a long silence, he told me that going to

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college was not all about becoming educated enough to have a job later but also about strengthening your network that you will be able to use later in your life. He also articulated the point: good jobs in general were not on the net nor posted on a job hunting website, and most of time, those opportunities fell into your lap through connections/strings you had to pull.

The point gathered is that you do not know who is going to be successful and who is going to be a big shot later in future; furthermore, the current student generation is the next in line that will create business down the road, which means that more connections you have in your network, the more chances you will have to get involved in successful events.

College is the place where people with variety of interests and different backgrounds assemble making it easy to widen your network more than in any other place. There is no other place where you have time to discuss with someone new and learn what they are interested in and passionate about. According to the website, CollegeData, medium sized colleges have between 5,000 and 15,000 students, and large sized universities usually have more than 15,000 students. These numbers mean that you potentially create vast networks during your time at college if you chose to do so. And as we already all know, each person has his or her unique life style and path they are taking. If you can get associated to each one of them, you would have many chances later to expose yourself to the variety of fields in not only business but also in leisure time which spices up your life.

If you are on the fence whether or not to go to college or wondering the meaning of going to college, consider thinking of college as a place to network. It will help you broaden your perspectives and views toward the purpose of college, and it will also bring you benefits.

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Old vs. New

There is perhaps no greater struggle today than that of the old versus the new, traditional versus modern. In varying degrees—from families to nations—this dichotomy between established cultural institutions and our rapidly changing world is a large obstacle.


This dissonance is a major issue in families today, where attitudes and views between children and parents differ so sharply. Are education and college as important today as 11139796_10206557021029132_231151248_nthey were in generations past? What religious views and social ideas should kids be exposed to? Tough questions with no clear answer, this generation of families struggles to find the fault line in these ideas. It is natural for young people to be influenced by their peers and their surroundings; the cultural environment of society is highly influential to a child’s psyche. Children are highly impressionable and the messages they receive around them shape their perception of the world. Society being infinitely different than it was twenty years ago, today’s youth will have starkly different values and beliefs than their parents.


In a much larger dimension, nations also experience this struggle of old and new ideas; it 11139941_10206557020909129_790592572_nis a tension that poses a huge threat to the world. Without question, western models of society—democracy and capitalism—are the biggest influences in international politics, a phenomena that many leaders find threatening. Contemporary ideas of economics and politics have percolated to every continent and our interconnected world operates by these institutions. Some claim it is a natural diffusion of ideas and culture while others demand it is aggressive cultural and political imperialism that seeks to exploit other nations.


The evidence suggests that democracy and capitalism have torn countries apart—look at nations like Mexico, the Philippines, Iraq and much of Sub-Saharan Africa,; areas once 11158196_10206557020989131_1306952527_nfilled with prosperous civilizations are now plagued with corruption and poverty. The presence of modernism and western colonialism has turned a once prosperous Afghan society into a failed state rampant with violence, gang activity and terrorism. There are numerous examples of this modern deterioration around the world.


On the other side of the apple cart, we can point out many examples of the tremendous benefits of modern ideas of society. Nations like Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, and the United Arab Emirates enjoy prosperous societies with flourishing economies. Their success can be owed, arguably, to ideas developed and nurtured by Western Europe and the United States.


The most notable example of the dissonance between old and new is that of religious conflict, namely the controversy surrounding the religion Islam. Terrorism, t11129985_10206557013708949_987466045_nhe 9/11 attacks, Charlie Hebdo, ISIS; conflict between the west and Islam is a classic example of the clash of civilizations, a clash between different mentalities, a dissonance between attitudes of different time-periods.
Whether it is conflict within the household or war between nations, finding a fault line between the old and the new is a step towards peace. There is no easy and definite answer to this problem but pointing out the issue is essential to finding viable solutions.




3 Reasons Why You Should Travel

If you are a teenager or twenty-someting, you have a lot of time and energy to spend on exploring the world. Have you ever found yourself in a situation in which you thought you did not fit into the society that you were in? If the answer is Yes, please proceed reading.

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I was talking about random stuff with one of people I befriended on campus, who is from Argentina. While we are talking,  we started to talk about passions each one of us have. I explained what I had been doing for my dream, and he also talked about his goal and the way he perceived the world. Honestly, what he told me was inspiring and he offered  intriguing ideas I had never thought of up until that moment. He explained how important it is to travel the world in our lives, especially when we are young. There three reasons he excitedly told me are:

1. Abandon time to spend for ourselves unlike people in their 40s.

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Of course, when we are 20-something, we still have freedom to some extent even though most of us start working at companies. Yet it is still believed that even if you failed on what  you are doing, you would most likely be able to start to reshape your life from scratch again if you are still 20-something . It sounds old-school cliche, but it stays true. How many elderly people already have told you to do the thing you love the most? Furthermore, I have heard a lot about their unrealized ideas and inventions that elderly people have been keeping in their minds for their entire lives, and they told me that they should have done it when they were young. As you can tell from regrets such as these, we simply might better living up the moment as much as we can. Traveling around the world will definitely be the one of must-dos when it comes to doing something young people can: they have the privilege to do so.

2. Know the people, know the countries, and know the world. 

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This totally depends on each individual, however if I had to say one thing, I would say that you might not want to miss the boat before it is too late to notice that you should have done it. When you travel all over the world, it is highly likely that you will encounter moments you have never expected. You cannot anticipate the challenges you will face such as visiting country that have differences in culture, values, societal function, and the way people think about their lives. And each experience you  go through actually will help you a lot to broaden your view of the outside of the world. The Argentinean man said to me ” With the experiences you would likely go through during traveling the world, you will gain another aspect of the way of life through interactions with cultures and people  there, and it will help you to figure out where is the right place for you to settle“. It does sound dramatic, however, it is human nature that some people just do not fit right in the place where they currently stay.

3. Figure out the right place to fit in    

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This one is actually the whole point of his talking about the way he sees the world. He does not just travel the world to have good time to take his mind off of the hectic ongoing mind game in society which wears him down, but he does travel to find a place truly for him to be able to blend in. It indeed takes time until we find a place like this, but it is worth trying in order to spend our lives happy. For instance, I live in Japan, and I do occasionally feel that I do not belong to Japanese society the way I should. Rather, I feel much more connected with American society in that I am the type of boy who clearly shows his thoughts and feelings in words to people. He articulated the point by saying, “And this can be only done when you are young“. 

Why don’t you consider these three points,  pack your stuff and get out of your country. When you come back, you might become a totally different person more than you can imagine now.  You are not belonging to a country, you are belonging to the world!


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