Hello everyone, my name is Nobuko Takahashi. I have stayed in China before I turned to 8. I think I am a Chinese, but I spend almost my life in Japan. I prefer to spending my vacation in China, because the atmosphere let me feel I am a […]


            Hey everyone! My name is Hrvoje Kurtović and I am Croatian. Some one of you may have never heard about my country and it´s probably hard for you to imagine where it is located. But that´s the reason why I want to represent […]

United States

Hello, My name is Trey Cano, I will be writing about life and issues in the United States. Here is a brief overview of the United States: The United States has a population of about 330 million people, it is one of the least ethnically homogenous nations in […]


Have you ever thought of going to Japan before, but you held back your desire since it would cost a lot of money? Then you are missing the boat. Yes it is a lot of money you have to spend just to touch down there, but all the […]

RedDeer International launched

I am Fumiya Akashika, founder of RedDeer International and an enthusiast when it comes to communicating with diverse groups of people. I would like to celebrate this occasion as I have finally launched the website RedDeer International, which is the platform that provides everything voiced by today’s youth. […]