4th Announcement

To all bloggers, subscribers, followers, readers and supporters:

Thank you for your continued support and exploration of our new pages. We are about to reach  more than 31,000 followers and subscribers on our social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Sound cloud, Youtube, Instagram, about.me, WordPress, and Youtube. Currently, we are initiating RedDeer International’s Youtube channel; so far we published more than 20 videos which cover a variety of topics from aliens to relationships. However, we are still seeking to generate more subscribers on our Youtube platform. If you don’t mind, please subscribe to us and share our channel with your friends. We would much appreciate it.

One of our recent accomplishments is generating enough hits that our site shows up at the top of Google search results. Without your support as well as our team’s effort, we could not accomplish this. Thank you again.

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Another request we would like to make is that we would love the followers of this website to follow our other webpages as well. I know this is a lot to ask; however, we publish more articles on other pages when you compare this page to other ones.

Thank you as always. We would like to follow your pages back as well!! Let’s make a change to the world by providing thought-provoking, interesting, and touching articles to the world!

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Give it up for Courtney Hedger who provide beautiful picture:

Courtney Hedger

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