Civil conflict broke out again in Libya


I know most of you have heard of the situation in Libya many times through the media, but can you really trust those things people are saying on TV? Have you heard anything about it straight from the horse’s mouth? If you have not, this article will be for you.

I happened to talk to a guy from Libya, a 34 year old studying education in the U.S.,  2 days ago. He was a really intelligent man and a man of compassion. He was kind and thoughtful enough to speak about the condition and situation going on in his home country which most people from his country are afraid of dealing with talking about with others in the fear of being killed once they get back to their country, Libya.

The conversation started with a simple question I asked him: “How is everything going on back in your country?” He did not open his mouth for a moment, seeming to hesitate a little before say something he had in his mind about his country.

10 minutes had passed and he started talking about issues and problems Libyan people are facing at this moment. He said:

Libya is now in a total mess, 3 years ago in 2011, Gaddhafi, who had been the president of Libya for 42 years and deemed as a tyranny for so long by its people, was killed. After his death, rebellions evolved into tears of joy and everything , but it did not last long as matter of fact

He also mentioned how people all across the world mistakenly have been receiving the pieces of information on the issues and things happening in Libya.

Most people outside of Libya can not wise up to what is really going on in Libya. For the most part, media are exaggerating the contents on TV when they broadcast them on air. For instance, it seemed as if those rebellions had defeated and overthrew the tyrant, Gaddafi, but the truth is that 97% of contribution to overthrowing him was made by the international organization whose name is NATO which is dealing with all kinds of security issues taking place in these 23 nations taking part in this organization. Only 3% of it was made by those rebellions you saw on TV

So Let’s get to the point. He told me about the war that just broke out in Libya 2 weeks ago in many words. To get a better understanding about the war, you must know exactly what happened 3 years ago back in 2011 in Libya.

In 2011, People were fired up about overthrowing the tyranny who had been occupying the country, hogging the country and striking down everywhere with his ultimate political power no one could ever resist against. Rebellions took over Benghazi, Mistratah and Tripoli at the end of the war from its government they called “Evil” in the hope of gaining freedom people have been pressuring for more than 40 years. Some people described the tyrant by saying, “He is not the son of evil, but the father of evil“.

They sailed their ship in the uncharted water weathering the storm and successfully navigated themselves to their goal. After the death of Gaddafi, it seemed like everything was smooth sailing. However, they did not let the new government have legal powers to maintain the nation with its military  forces as well as that of police. Therefore, they started stealing people’s belongings, intimidating with guns in their hands, and the nation gradually turned into the nation of mass destruction and deteriorated.

And there they are now.

Each city in Libya has its own militia, which attacks anyone coming from other cities. It is like a guy living in Texas that goes to Florida and gets shot to death just because he is an outsider. Anyway, the reason why they have militias in each city is partly because some armed people who fought in 2011 remained in those cities after the war, and partly because they want to simply protect the citizens in their cities from those armed with rifles and guns coming from other cities.

And this is exactly what is happening now according to this man I was talking to 2 days ago. He has his family back in Libya. He articulated his concern about this ongoing war and bloody battles among same races as well as his family staying there. He also told me about one of his brothers who used to literally fight against the tyranny in the front line back in 2011.

He is not sure when his country is going to come to a peaceful solution.

Here is the video you might want to check out to get to know more about the battle back in 2011.

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United States

My name is Trey Cano, I will be writing about life and issues in the United States.

Here is a brief overview of the United States:

The United States has a population of about 330 million people, it is one of the least ethnically homogenous nations in the world, meaning that the population of the United States has a large ethnic variety. The United States was founded upon immigration. The land of America was discovered in 1492 by Christopher Columbus, by the year 1607, England had established its first permanent colony – Jamestown, Virginia. Since then, immigrants from Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Latin America, Australia and Africa have all moved to America and now call it their home. Depending on where you go in America, you will see people of various ethnicities. Being “American” doesn’t have anything to do with the color of one’s skin, anyone can be American. The language most spoken in America is English, but there is actually no “official language” the American government recognizes. The only true “Americans” are the indigenous tribes that inhabited this land before us, in states such as New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, and Oklahoma, indigenous culture is still very prevalent. Some refer to America as the “cultural melting pot.”

The United States is a democratic government, the real name for our government is a Federal Presidential Constitutional Republic. We have a president, named Barack Obama. In America, every citizen is allowed to vote once you’re over the age of 18 and haven’t committed a felony. We have three branches of government. The Executive branch- which is the President, and other parts of the Office of the President. The Legislative branch- which is the congress, the House and the Senate. And the Judicial branch- which includes the criminal justice system, and the American court system.

Here are other interesting factoids about the United States. You can legally obtain a drivers license at age 16. At age 18, you can buy tobacco products, lottery tickets, gamble, and enlist in the military. The drinking age in America is 21. We drive on the right-hand side of the road. American uses the customary system of measurement, instead of using kilometers and kilograms, we use miles and pounds. America is one of only three countries in the world to use the customary system of measurements. America is very big, it is about 2000 miles in width (about 3200 kilo).


974436_4714100627287_1849314610_nTrey Cano / Contributor 

a student at the University of Texas at Austin in Austin, TX. He is double majoring in International Relations and Japanese Language, with a double minor is Asian Studies and History. He has studied at several different universities, and is passionate about cultures, language, economics, geography, and social issues. He enjoys sports, music, and learning languages. His motto is “You must be the change you wish to see in the world” – Mahatma Gandhi


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Have you ever thought of going to Japan before, but you held back your desire since it would cost a lot of money? Then you are missing the boat. Yes it is a lot of money you have to spend just to touch down there, but all the experience you would likely to have in Japan is not exchangeable to money you will spend on all the things you will buy , in other words, you should go to Japan and have fun over there!

As people might already know, Japan  is the one of most densely populated country of more than 120 million in the world ,and it is stretching from South to North that makes Japan have complete 4 seasons.  Only 20 % of its island, composed of 6,852 little tiny islands including 4 main islands called Hokkaido, Honshyu, Shikoku and Kyusyu, is suitable for people to live their lives. Not to mention the fact that it is the reason why we are so packed at the same place. You might have seen a lot of picture of stores and fast-food place such as McDonald located in cities, Japan: they have a little tiny space for a person and eat foods like pigs eating their food in pig houses. Of course in the morning, people take trains and buses and all the kind of mass transition to commute to their destinations. I personally experienced of being there for entire my life. It is just usual and nothing special to me, but when I took them for the first time, I have to admit that it was quite nightmare to some extent. People were trying to make it to their place so that they were squeezing their body trying not to miss a train that would get them there on time. Speaking of mass transit, Japan has one of most sophisticated system around the world. Everything there is on time. This is not fantasy you see in the movie nor a delusion you see in your dream, but it really is true. You might find it quite amazing when you happen to be there.




When it comes to Politic in Japan , there are a lot of ridiculous but literally serious issues going on in Japan that is depends of how you see it.  For instance, we are experiencing rising tensions with surrounding countries China and South Korean. Back in 1910, Japan invaded Korea and incorporated them into Japanese territory, and it lasted quite long until Japan was defeated by the United State in the World War 2. The rumor has it that Japanese troops killed ten of thousand people there during conquering. It is obvious that some Korean people still dislike  and tries to resist against Japan in all respects. Talking about China, it is also true that we invaded in 1930s in the hope of expanding the nation with imperial ideal they had. Japan invaded and established new province that was called “Manshyu” which is till a bone of contention since Japan and China both side are not sure enough that Japanese army killed so many people over there which people might call ” Mansyu Massacre”, but be that as it may, it is true that Japan dispatched its imperial army to China that still lead people to disliking Japan. However, Japan apologized more than ten times and giving donations to them to assist them in order to enrich their economy and now China has been already 2nd largest economy around Japan after the United State and the world factory just like England was back in old days. I hope we will have the time soon when both sides agree upon maintaining peace around Asia and nations in it and try to be more friendly and peaceful to each others.

h1Believe or not China and South Korea are not the only nation that Japan has trouble with. Russia is also one of three countries that Japan has been dealing with claiming that Russia took over one of Japanese islands that are so called “Hoppo Territories. As you can see the picture above, This islands have been occupied by Russia right after Japan surrendered in August in 1945 ,and since then these beautiful islands have not been given back which still leaves a huge headache of all time to Japanese governors. Around 7 to 10 years ago, Japan had a prim minister whose name is ” Soichiro Koizumi” who had better relationship with Russia than ever before in history, but at the end of the day, Japan was not be able to be convince enough to get them back.However Except for that, Japan has quite solid mutual understanding with them on the problems such as natural resources especially Petroleum. Japan and Rudssia agreed to develop the area in steps to pump it up from underground using technologies Japan has.

In addition to all the nations I brought up, the United States is the country that Japan can not ignore for all the time. We had been  battling against each others back in 1940s since Japanese imperial air force dropped bombs on Pearl Harbor on December 7th in 1941 which has been called ” surprise attack from Japan”. Be that as it may, after the war, We have been making all out effort to establish friendly relationship. Japan still has 135 American military bases. Okinawa and Hokkaido are the prefectures where have the great number of them all across the country. For instance , Okinawa has 37 American military bases and Hokkaido has 18 bases. Even tough I have been telling that Japan and the United States are good friends, notwithstanding, We still a lot of issues too. Most important and perpetual issues we have with the United State is American Military bases. Like I mentioned there are a plenty of american military bases in Japan, and for the most of people and the national  government, it is alright and good to have them just in case of emergency, but for those who live in the areas where the bases are located, this stuffs are very sensitive and even nightmare in that there have been a lot of troops staying in the bases committed crimes such as raping and murder against Japanese people. On top of that is that people are afraid of their military aircraft like “what if they mistakenly control their air craft and fall on the civic place such as houses, buildings and etc and kill innocent people?”. Japanese and U.S. government have been discussing these issues for many years, but It seems that it will still take a long time to put an end to it.

If you want to know more about Foreign affairs relating to Japan, please click this website here: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan .



We have some unique attributes to our culture– such as temples and shrines which have been in Japan for many years. We have huge market for Anime and video games as well. Come to think about it , Japan is very weird country but also quite intriguing.

Have you seen pictures of Japanese castles before? I assume many of you already have. As you can see the picture above, this kind of architectures and castles are every where in Japan, even on the mountain and in forests and woods. Here is the picture of one of my favorite castle in Japan which is usually called ” Castle in The sky”. This castle was built on the summit of a hill surrounded by taller mountains. unkaiWhen you go there in the morning, because of its temperature ,it generates fogs and it just looks wonderful and seems like the castle is floating above clouds in the sky!

Speaking of Japanese Castles, do you know what kinds of people lived in these beautiful places? Yeah you guessed it, they were Samurai and those important people who was called “Daimyo” who Samurais were always faithful to. samurai-1-for-online

When you hear the word of Japan, you will likely to hear the word of Samurai as well.

As for Food, we have Sushi, Japanese Noodles and etc. Sushi has been gaining its popularity in the World. Everywhere you go, you can find Sushi places without doubt. We eat row fish by cutting and slicing them and we call it “SASHIMI”.It simply tastes out of this world. Except for Sushi and Sahimi, We also have food which is called “Tempura” which is  simply referring to fried vegetables and meats. In the western part of Japan, especially the city called OSAKA is the place you can go and eat them at low price but yet delicious.

We also have amazing technologies everywhere. One of amazing technology we have could t be “Bullet train”. As its name, these trains run like bullets. On top of that, the train arrives  at and departures  from stations on time. This is inconceivable and the trains arrive at station every 20 minutes more or less. The cherry on top is that the train network covers almost all across Japan which means you can go everywhere just by taking the trains. Dont even have to think about all the traffic jams and gas milage you would think about when driving cars.expensive_city_2011_903082

There have to be more interesting culture in  Japan, but I would like to move on the final stuffs about Japan, which is Landscape.

 Land Scape

One of things that Japanese people are proud of is its landscape. Japan is unique and beautiful country to visit. Japan has landscape which is mixture of western and traditional architectures, and places of all four seasons and have woods, forests, river , mountains and beautiful oceans which you can not take your eyes off of.

Sky scraper in Tokyo

Skyscrapers_of_Shinjuku_2009_January_(revised)Tokyo is the world biggest city in the World and its population is more than 30 millions .

Traditional house


Japan does not have many of these house since the Western culture has been influencing us in all respects in our lives after the World War 1 and 2nd.

I hope you got to know a little bit about Japan,  and rekindle your desire of going and visiting Japan.

  1463057_10201248231038463_1022806959_nFumiya Akashika 
  A Japanese and goes to Kansai Gaidai University in Osaka. He has studied in the US and is passionate about communicating with people from around the world. His main field of study is English, but he also studies world affairs, politics, and entertainment. He enjoys writing and facilitating the exchange of accurate and current knowledge regarding the world around him. He also enjoys playing piano and football; in addition, he has his own website, podcast and YouTube channel dealing with global topics. His motto is “the key to the world is in your hands, time to explore.”

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RedDeer International launched

I am Fumiya Akashika, founder of RedDeer International and an enthusiast when it comes to communicating with diverse groups of people.

I would like to celebrate this occasion as I have finally launched the website RedDeer International, which is the platform that provides everything voiced by today’s youth. I hope that this website will help people learn about the world and differences in cultures, values and interests between people from different places.

Nowadays, thanks to technological development, the world is shrinking at digital speed more than ever, and Generation Y happens to be the witnesses of these dramatic changes. Today’s global youth are more familiar with world news through social media that previous generation did not have. We are tightly connected to one another all across the world. However, the point is that even with all the technological advancements and social media, people are still ignorant or unfamiliar with all the differences in cultures, values and interests from one another, which usually leads people to causing conflict. It is better said that because of all the techonlogy, we are losing opportunities to get to know about others deeper as a result of superficial knowledge of the world and cultures that is accessible for anyone to obtain on the Internet.

For this reason, I decided to launch RedDeer International as a place where today’s youth from all over the world gather and spread their values, cultures, interests and thoughts to the world as purely as possible to let people living in this world know what is going. We seek to uncover how the young generation perceives the world. The main point is that the most of contents will be created by today’s youth who have been engaging in and experiencing different cultures and events, giving us a genuine and sincere platform to work with.

I believe that knowing what the young generation thinks and perceives the world to be will help any kind of generation to grasp the shape of the world and society in the coming age.

1463057_10201248231038463_1022806959_nFumiya Akashika/Journalsit

He is Japanese and goes to Kansai Gaidai University in Osaka. He has studied in the US and is passionate about communicating with people from around the world. His main field of study is English, but he also studies world affairs, politics, and entertainment. He enjoys writing and facilitating the exchange of accurate and current knowledge regarding the world around him. He also enjoys playing piano and football; in addition, he has his own website, podcast and YouTube channel dealing with global topics. His motto is “the key to the world is in your hands, time to explore.

#reddeerinternational #international #multicultural #globalsociety #culture #economy #politics #history #travel #career #entertainment #education #blog #religion #lifestyle #america #latinamerica #europe #africa #asia #pacific #middleeast